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  1. paul look at this link and check citation papwork http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/library/rules/index.asp
  2. Paul Write a letter today to solicitors and rbs EXPLAINING WHY THE ARE REFUSING TO accept payments give them 7 - 10 working days to reply
  3. try and get your thread moved to rbs scotland you will get plenty of help there
  4. Paul , first thing is NOT to speak to these people on the phone communicate by letters only sent signed for.(keep a copy) get a copy of all your agreeements via SAR letter which will take about a year to arrive not 90 days as per the law. send token payment by postal order £1/ month /account if you can afford it. is there any bank charges on accounts? dont get stressed its only money speak to your local MP as they hate this defend any court action as they also HATE going to Court THEY WANT PEOPLE TO LIE DOWN TO THEM. CHECK ALL PAPERWORK IS THE CITATION CORRECT ?
  5. But Marc Gander, a co-founder of the CAG, said it was "a real shame" debt collection firms felt they had to set up a mechanism to combat sites such as his. MARC WHY DONT YOU STAND AS AN MP
  6. is the date on your default notice xx/xx/05 or is it in full xx/xx/2005
  7. Absolutly brill, how do you link it to your letters
  8. hi, Link to Scottish Court forms Ordinary Cause Rules New FORM 03 & O3A rhood
  9. Hi George, Here is an up to date list of Scottish Court Forms Ordinary Cause Rules regards David
  10. The double yellow lines have no end look at the photograph Looking down Withy Grove towards The Printworks and Corporation Street. the double yellow lines are not closed at the end with the zig zags SINGLE LINE SHOULD BE AT 90 DEGREES TO THE YELLOW LINES =| now i belive that a policeman can issue a ticket on unclosed yellowlines but a traffic warden can not. Found this on this site http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/23765-no-t-bar-end.html Grounds: - The contravention did not occur; specifically that the restriction is not signed a
  11. PRIDEUK, Dont feel bad or sad, just look at the mess the banks made of everything, Looking at Nunnyrose's post is there any grants or help you can get from local enterprise - if you dont ask you dont get ! Great post about Rates and rent payments Good Luck
  12. Hi prideuk, Have you looked at a DEED TRUST - be debt free in 3 years and no hassle or worry or stress. or phone calls I know it's not easy but at the end of the day it's only money IT WORKED FOR ME DEBT FREE and now have a clean credit report. Dont let them get you down All the best RHOOD
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