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  1. Thanks, been in default 2 months. Took out £500 after resolve before Xmas.I will call step change, and stop the extra paymentsIf it goes to court then sutrely the judge would say the charges are not reasonable
  2. HI I guess you haveheard it all before and for that i am sorry. I borrowed last Sept/October from CFO £200, this increased to £500 over a few months whilst paying it off. things got bad and i am with Step Change who have been sending payments to CFO. However, i keep getting letters, phonecalls, emails and texts which are threatening etc .I keep telling them that step change are paying them,, ive been giving them an extra £15 a month on top of step change payments via standing order but they keep insisting that step change havent sent the correct documents.
  3. Thanks, as i thought, I am being good and paying it, such a shame though
  4. HII signed a credit agreement with O2 for a £47 a month tablet and phone bundle a few weeks ago. When i got home I noticed that i had both copies of the credit agreement. Can i now claim no knowledge of this and request to see a signed copy of my agreement?I know its wrong but isnt it about time the little lay person got one over the big companies?
  5. Thanks, i have emailed them and said that they cant use recorded conversations in a court of any kind and that they should deal in email only. I sent a token payment of £5 just to annoy them. I will threaten to report them to the OFT etc if they continue I appreciate your advice and feel much better now and not so sick. Just for the record the guy on the phone was a k**b
  6. HI I took out several loans due to some very unexpected and high vets fees. 11 payday loans total 1400 pounds. I had no intention of not payng nor of depriving these companies of funds but unexpected circumstances have made me pass to Step Change. I was already with them and doing very well on it and after lots of advice from this forum felt able to contact them and pass these pay day debts to them. They were very understanding and supportive So far i have heard from 9 of the 11 and all but 1 have been OK and accepting of the circumstances. I have made t
  7. HiI got through with step change and they were very helpful and have agreed to let me stay on the plan and add my payday loans. Mitigating circumstances they said. I will pay the extra that i paid for pet insurance towards my debt.Thank you everyone for your help, i can sleeop again at night.I am chasing welcome finance on a CCA as i have been paying them for 9 years and still owe £6.5k, and i never took any extra ppi's or insurances etc as i knew not to. I used to sign to them all then go away and cancwel them just to annoy the sales peopleWill post in welcome finance when i get some news bac
  8. HII emailed step change but they havent replied, i then nearly set up a debt settlement plan with Money Expert but got cold feet and changed my mind, i have had wonga moaning at me but nothing too worrying and now i have getapaydayloanfast/onesys giving me grief.I have sorted my bank and put a spam blocker on myphone but have just read about marshall hoare turning up at peoples houses, is this true?Will keep you posted
  9. Thanks citizen BFuneral expenses and euthanasia are not claimable but they were very professional and helpful at the pet crematorium,.Will the payday lenders come to my house?
  10. Thank you for your adviceI have about £11k left with CCCS/StepChange, down from 17KI understand that i an not allowed to get payday loans whilst on a DMP and they may kick me off. Is this true?As for my pet isnurance, it was with virgin, when she got to 12 years old they took her off cvonitunuous and id dint realise, so re-occuring illnes over a certain amount are not covered. We did however give her the best chances and i dont regret any of it. What is the best thing to do now after cancelling my bank account? I appreciate all your adviceMany thanks
  11. HIThank you for taking the time to read. Yes, i know i was stupid as i have borrowed. I pay £66 per month insurance for my dog as she is old and in April she had to have a further operation. Basically she had a further 3 through April and then we lost her. The vets bill was £2752 which i thought would be covered through my insurance which i paid for 14 years. Only £900 was covered as classed as a re-occurence, anyway, i borrowed from a few payday lenders a few weeks ago to pay the Vets and used the rest of my salary. I borrowed from - Liquid loans £260.00 mr lender £
  12. I forgot to mention - 7 laptops were also stolen ( when she wasnt even in the country)
  13. HI My brothers partner was sacked on friday for alledged theft. She had been on gardening leave for 4 weeks+ where her employers had failed in their duty of care and did not follow the correct procedures. The crime - Nothing!!!!! It transpired that some receipts that my brothers partner had access to had been tampered with ( not her handwriting), and money missing. A total of £500 over a 1 year period. All the other staff in the dept ( 8+) there also had access to these receipts. Also, this happened when my brothers partner was away in France as well. However, she had been b
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