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  1. Thanks for your reply. No there isn't. Just me and my line manager (the guy currently in the US) in the UK office. I have a colleague who works remotely who out ranks me but is not my manager.
  2. Apologies for the mundane nature of my question but I'm honestly not sure. I know that my boss is away in the US (business). Here's what I want to do. Phone him up and explain I'm leaving (don't worry, no bridge burning!). Tell him I have addressed a letter to him/the company which I'll post or leave on his desk. Follow up with an email to ensure I serve my notice period from that day. Is this enough? Thanks!
  3. Afternoon, I've handed in my notice to leave end of this month of July. Several problems have led me to leave such as withholding pay and verbal tirades aimed at me. I have 11 days holiday to take. I understand that an employer can force me to work those holidays but what about the converse? Can I force my employer to let me leave early using holidays? That will mean I can leave this week. Can I just walk out if they don't accept? Thank you - Chris
  4. Hello all. I've had a few interviews over the years where the interviewer was basically being an idiot. I'm sure many have been there. I've been asked my age and also told in one interview I might not fit in in the office because of my accent but an interview the other day had me quite angry and wondering if anyone would follow it up with a formal complaint in any way? It's a major UK business owner of many UK retail outlets. He asked how old I was. I know they are not allowed but I can ignore this one. Maybe I shouldn't. Asked if I had children. Wanted to know my girlfrien
  5. Turnover is sales and that's usually what is quoted rather than profits since massive companies with millions in turnover can and do make losses e.g. British Airways In my company (20 staff, £2m turnover) both sales and profits have rocketed but the sentence in the offer letter referring to "growth" is being interpretted as profit and not sales. I agree it is ambiguous but it is clear that the email sent to me 6 months into the job (I believe an attempt to "override" the offer-letter bonus scheme because of huge sales increase caused by me) mentions sales not profit. Thank you.
  6. Many thanks for your reply. In terms of whether I want to work for them...I don't have any immediate bad feeling toward my employer just a feeling I'm going to be on the wrong end of it any day now. I'm looking to move on anyway but maybe not just yet. I simply wanted to justify why I believe I'm about to be ripped off. I have an offer letter stating the bonus is based on "growth...for sales with a margin of over 30%". I guess it depends what growth means. Profit or sales. Strangely, I have an email from the employer offering a bonus but this is COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of the offer le
  7. Hi all, any help would be appreciated. 12 months into job into an Internet retailer manager job. My job is to grow sales on various products with various margins which includes spending on advertising. My offer letter stated a bonus scheme of £500 per £10,000 of monthly sales growth on products with a margin over 30% after the first £30,000 of growth compared to the same month 12 months previously paid the following month. So in a few months I know sales have grown £50k+ so that would be £1000. Employer is dodgy in a lot of ways (pirate software, theft from suppliers in collusio
  8. This happened a while ago but I always promised myself I would come back here and write about the outcome. I found out my landlord did not protect my deposit. That in isolation wouldn't have bothered me too much but the other problems (heating never being fixed even when reported to landlord etc.) made me want to pursue it. I submitted a county court claim. At the time there was a lot of talk of it being 50/50 whether I could win 3 times deposit. My landlord also tried to put me off with this fact. Of course statistically if it was 0.5 chance of losing then she should have offer
  9. Hi. Thanks for your help. Please excuse my naiivity on this subject. Perhaps I am confusing the issue by saying it was through an agency. Basically, it was a managed property by the agency and she never knew who the landlord was. The DPS have told her it will take a very long time to chase them. Are they wrong? Agency made NO disputes and agreed to pay the full sum but that was many weeks ago.
  10. Landlord was an agency. It is an AST. Everything was done by the book until it came to actually receiving the cash back. The service is the Deposit Protection Service. Thanks
  11. Evening all, I'm currently fighting my own battle with a private landlord but this particular one concerns my girlfriend. She moved out of an apartment on 31st May and the agency agreed in a fair time to return the full deposit. Ever since then it's been a losing fight to get the deposit back. The agency in question is Isaac Anthony of Manchester. Legal threats just don't work. Visits in person just don't work. They have her money and she doesn't. It's that simple. If if you show them the ludicrousy of their (lack of) actions they just ignore. It's now got to the
  12. Clearly the threat of 3 times the deposit just isn't enough to get landlords to comply. Any more would be considered excessive by all judges and any less we would be in an even worse state. Landlords want to be landlords and arbitrators and it seems they can.
  13. Hi, I'm very confused. Why do you say "soon"? Is the guidance not for now? Thanks. I just got my girlfriend to go to the court to submit an N208 to which the staff refused to accept saying the judge would throw it out. She went back to show them the guidance and still refused. Is it N208 or not right now? THANKS
  14. Assured? Cases have been won by the tenant even when the deposit was protected before the court date. I concede some have also lost. Where's the incentive to protect deposits? The law may as well say "after 14 days you have until issued a court order to protect the tenant's deposit". The intial requirements of the schemes are that they are protected within 14 days.
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