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  1. Thanks for the info/advice, I will look into the boarding/alighting exception. Obviously it will take a while but I will update when anything interesting happens! Cheers, Ricky.
  2. Hi, I recieved a parking ticket through the post about a month ago. It alleges that I was "parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours". Apparently I had driven off before the PCN could be handed over, therefore it came through the post. I appealed via email, within 14 days. My defense was that I have never parked where alleged, nor did I prevent a parking attendant from issuing me a ticket. My recollection of the day was that my girlfriend was driving my car, she was driving herself to the pub on the road where I was allegedly parked. She got out, I got out and went
  3. What dealer is it? Name/location? Sounds a lot like a dodgy dealer near me - 'car supermarket' west london. They offered 50% of the deposit back after it turned out the was actually a write-off!
  4. Because I don't appreciate people like you and the other 'pro' southeastern posters on the threads that take great pleasure in taking the moral high ground and dictating what is right and wrong when they read a thread on a consumer forum. I suggest you re-read the entire other thread where you posted on 6th Jan. And then you might like to reconsider your statement 'getting away with it' and 'avoiding a fare' when you will clearly see my 'crime' was misplacing my season ticket, even though I had a proof of purchase, the ticket inspector checked on the system with my ID to confirm I had ind
  5. There is no mention of byelaws in any part of the railway station in question. It is a tiny car park, with 2 signs that mention the terms and conditions of parking, and who it is operated by (it is actually Meteor, not NCP). So this sounds like they have a problem if as you put it "NCP put railway Byelaws (quite correctly) at the entrance to all those car parks"?
  6. Isn't there some sort of 6 month rule? A year or 2 back I received a penalty for not showing my season ticket at London Charing Cross, however I was advised on this forum that if they didnt proceed with court action within 6 months there wouldn't be anything they could do. Im also sure i've heard a similar thing with regards to speeding tickets etc...if charges aren't pressed within 6 months then the case is dropped?
  7. Thanks for all the replies and interest in the thread so far. Can anyone confirm that after 6 months from the date of 'offence' there isn't a lot they can do?
  8. Theres no mention of any byelaws in the carpark, it only states you will recieve a parking charge notice if you don't pay, double park etc (obviously not in those words!) So whats likely to happen now? Also of importance is the fact they didnt get in touch with me for 7 months from the date the ticket was issued. Isn't there a rule about after 6 months of the date of 'offence' it is automatically closed?
  9. As a follow up to the image I posted there is absolutely NO mention of any byelaws etc. It merely states a 'parking charge notice' is payable.
  10. Sorry its taken a while but I had to find the time to go to the train station to take a photo of the parking sign! Its a big sign and my photo is of the section 'enforcement' which is probably the most relevant.
  11. Im not sure as luckily, I no longer have to commute to central london every day! I am going to go to the train station tomorrow and take some photo's of signage etc regarding parking...and will then update. Thanks to all
  12. Thanks for all the replies so far. If you look at the bottom of the letter it says "London and South Eastern railway trading as DPS" What does that mean in this case? Because it looks like the actual rail company is chasing it? Or not?
  13. Thanks for all the replies so far, here is a scanned copy of the last letter recieved from them. The PCN was originally issued by NCP.
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