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  1. Hi I'd like to say thank you for all your help in dealing with my issue. I have heard nothing from the courts now since July so I'm presuming this is now stayed, I was just wondering if this is the case can marlin continue to report defaults on my credit report and continue to add interest and or charges?
  2. Hi if was wondering if I could pick your brains again please I received a letter from the courts dated 05/06/2014 saying my defence was received and would be served on the claimant who then had 28 days to respond if they wished to proceed. I then received a letter off Mortimer Clarke dated 16/06/2014 saying they were taking their clients instructions, have they now overgone their 28 days or is this working days or should I contact the courts I ask because I am out of the country for 2 weeks soon and I'm worried ill get a response that I cannot answer to in time Thanks again Aaron
  3. Hi I'm back with an update. Received a letter from marlin today "We have received your defence. We are taking our clients instructions in relation to the request raised in your defence and will come back to you as soon as we can. Please find attached copies of notice of assignment and a letter dated 03/12/2013. Our client has complied with its statutory obligations by sending you notice of assignment in accordance with section 136 of the law of property act 1925" The letters attached are the same 2 I had last time which I had never seen before ! I still don't think this is what we reque
  4. Hi Andy hope your well, had a letter from the courts today acknowledging receipt of the defence and a copy being served to the claimant. It just says the claimant may contact me direct to attempt to resolve a dispute if the dispute cannot be resolved they must inform the court their wish is to pursue. This must be done within 28 days of hem receiving my defence. Thanks again it's all very much appreciated Regards Aaron
  5. Thanks for that Andy glad you could understand what they sent back. I'll send a reply back to them requesting what you highlighted. Regards Aaron
  6. Hi Andy all I sent to them was the CPR request that I posted earlier shall I sit tight and see what the court has to say now they have my defence the have acknowledged receiving it but I've heard no more from them yet
  7. No I had moved house in 2010 and got a new job I phoned lloyds and was told the account was closed so I put the phone down I did not give them my new address and I certainly have not received a letter from lloyds to my new address
  8. I have got nothing from the bank demanding full outstanding amount. The letter just states they sold it on the 28/11/2013. On the other letter from the solicitor says it was terminated 15/02/2010 Sorry if this is not what you meant.
  9. Hi just a quick update since I've submitted my defence I've now had a reply of Mortimer Clarke solicitors "We are unable to supply a copy of your signed credit agreement. Having contacted the original creditor, we are informed that such documentation is un available. Section 77-79 of the consumer credit act 1974 does not apply to current accounts. The current account is not a regulated agreement because it provides no credit. The overdraft agreement provides the credit and this sits separately from the current account agreement. Credit agreements normally have to comply with pa
  10. Andy I cannot thank you enough I will submit tho straight away and will let you know as soon as I have a reply
  11. Also the interest persuant is that from the day marlin purchased the debt which was in November?
  12. Hi thank you. I never informed Lloyds of change of address because I was told the account was closed.this is the CPR I sent Ok this is the CPR 31.14 for the summons re overdraft:- Again print name and send recorded del (there is no fee) CPR 31.14 Request (Overdraft and Credit Card) Dear Sir, Re: (Claimant's name) v (Your name) Case No: CPR 31.14 Request On (date) I received the claim form in this case issued by you out of the (Name) county court. I confirm having returned my acknowledgement of service to the court in which I indicate my intention to contest a
  13. I cant work out the creditfile shenanigans it appeared in january stating 29k then in may says 41k? On the claim pack it claims interest of 6.44 I presume this is apr? If thsts the case they only bought the debt in november the maths do not add up, should I print this out and add it to my defence as surely the original sum would have included the interest and charges the bank added already and they cant add interest on before they bought the debt can they?
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