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  1. thanks all, nice to know there is some help out there
  2. I've just received a letter from Roxburghe Debt collectors on behalf of a non-existent debt with the Carphone Warehouse. Bear with me, it's quite involved and I want to give as much detail as I can! 15.12.09: exchange of contracts on my flat; contacted Talk Talk/CPW to transfer my account (been with Talk Talk for a couple of years already). Moving into a rented flat for 6 months - needed to set up the internet/phone line before I completed on the flat so I could use the rented place as the "office" whilst my new flat was being renovated. The customer services bod informed
  3. Hi All, This is a bit historical, but I thought I'd check in with all you helpful people to see if it's worth me chasing an old loan I took out in 1997 for the purchase of a new car. Nat West were the loan providers, the loan was for about £8000. This was paid off before the load term ended, as I then bought a new car, so increased the loan (thus incurring additional fees. My main question: Would Nat West be likely to hold information on this? It is 13 years old? Would I be able to claim for any fees/PPi etc? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, Some advice would be very welcome. Briefly, I took out a Halifax One card, about 5 years ago. The Insurance protection was cancelled by Halifax/BoS after I was made redundant in 2008 - can I claim the money for the PPi that I paid for the period I had the insurance? Thanks
  5. Well, now you come to mention it, I was approached by some company touting for business, saying that Egg owed my about £2,000 on my PPI repayment, a few months ago - I told them to sling their hook and demanded to know where they got my personal info from. Ok Figures: Egg card taken out in 2002 - maximum spending limit - £1500 - this was used almost to it's limit in the first few weeks (plumber/new boiler) So... 7 years, paying off the minimum amount, plus the insurance fee... I think you're right. They have short changed me.
  6. oooh good news!!! I got a letter from Customer Services telling me how much they were going to pay me off! RESULT!!!
  7. Hi all, I took out a mortgage with BM back in 2000 - arranged through a broker. The most important point of the mortgage was that I wanted portability, so I didn't incur huge redemption penalties when I came to move. So, 6 months short of the three years I was "tied" in to the mortgage, due to unemployment, I had to sell the flat - but in the meantime had been offered another job out of London, and wanted to buy a house up there. When I came to let the mortgage company know that I wanted to port the mortgage, they then proceed to tell me I had been missold the product... and I
  8. Not yet, DX, I've asked for the Subject access request - is there anything else I should ask for?
  9. Hi all, I'd really appreciate any advice as I've written to Egg, and have just received this response...: Any ideas? I've included my original letter at the bottom of this ---Original Message--- Date: 17 Jul 2009 Time: 07:34 Subject: Mis sold PPI Dear Robin The Card Repayment Protection you've had on your Egg Card was taken out during application of the Egg Card. This would've been selected by you. When the policy is applied to the account, documents detailing the policy would be issued out providing further information on any exclusions. It would be
  10. I took out a mortgage in 2000, through a broker with Birmingham Midshires. The most important aspect was that the mortgage was portable for when I moved - so I could port it to a new property, and not be fined any redemption penalties. When I came to sell the property two and a half year's later, I was informed by BM that they had missold me the mortgage, and that I wouldn't be able to port it. It cost me £12000+ in redemption penalties. Despite my complaint being upheld by the FSO - it did sweet FA. I was still robbed of the 12 grand. I'd really appreciate some help - I know there mi
  11. I see a number of people have had problems with this company. I'd like some advice, as this has gone on for 7 years now... I get a letter with unerring regularity - roughly every year stating that I still owe and outstanding balance of £138.54 on a hardstanding carpark for a flat I sold in August 2002. My solicitor (responsible for the conveyancing of the flat) wrote to get a final bill for the service charges to be paid before completion. The LCS demands never arrive at my present address, and they always contact the people at previous addresses, or my mother's address/phone number. I so
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