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  1. Hi the DCA is called Profina International and is a Swedish agency. There was no PPI on this no. Do i do anything or is it a case of waiting? Many thanks indeed for your help.
  2. Thanks for that, I did read through that does "Consumer Credit Act 1974 is only enforceable in a British court." mean it will be only UK enforcable, ie they can't take me to court in Sweden?
  3. Hi, Hopefully somone will be able to help me on this one. I have around 6,000 GBP worth of debt in the UK that was from HSBC for a personal loan and cc debts. I had around 2500 worth of unfair bank charges which HSBC refused to give me back even though I tried the hardship route. 2 years ago I moved to Sweden and have been chased for these debts constantly, the debt is now being chased in Sweden. The DC is threating legal action will this be in the UK or Sweden? As this is a UK debt and my argument for not paying are specific to the UK I wanted it to be in the UK. Sorry I
  4. Thanks for the tips and after sending the email as Joevy said the calls have now stopped. Does anyone now what the procedure for trying to get a refund on charges to offset a negative balance on an account? In my case I owe the bank about £900 but they have charged me over a £1000 in charges. I have asked for these to be refunded under the finincial hardship rules but they just refuse saying that they are waiting for the test case to be over. I realise that the test case allows claims under financial hardship rules so thought it was pretty strange they do this. thanks again for y
  5. Brilliant tips! Thanks loads for those. Will of course keep people updated and no doubt ask for more help
  6. Thanks for the replies and the suggestions. Is such a horrible feeling but makes it a lot easier having people around to help so many many thanks for this I always refuse to speak to them but always try to answer the call just so they know that I dont want to speak to them oppose to them thinking I am not around.
  7. I spoke to the OFT and emailed them but they weren't veryy helpfull. They told me that OFT has no authority to become involved in individual disputes between consumers and traders so we cannot advise you directly in this matter. This was both on the phone and via email. Thought the calls had stopped but they started again last night
  8. Thanks for replying. Do you know if i just write to: Enquiries and Reporting Centre Office of Fair Trading Fleetbank House 2-6 Salisbury Square London EC4Y 8JX. I just noticed it says "Please be aware that the OFT cannot provide advice or assistance to individual consumers or traders. " is this still okay or should i be contacting someone else? thanks for your help
  9. Thanks I will do this then. HAs anyone ever complained to the OFT and does anyone have any ideas what to put? Should i print off the letter that I sent to the bank and just send this with the proof of reciept and say that despite my letter they are still calling? Thanks loads for you help
  10. yes thats the letter i sent them but they still keep calling. The letter was recieved by them on the 25th June. Thanks for the suggestion
  11. Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to look at this. I recently moved from the UK as I was told that I would be made redundant and I had the chance to move to Sweden with a different role so I jumped at the chance. The problem was that the salary was less than i got in London but my loans, credit card debts are still the same. I wrote to my bank which the cc and loan is with telling them of these problems and that i wanted to work out a payment plan with them but they have not answered me. I sent it recorded delievery so can see it was signed for. In the letter i also included
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