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  1. Thanks catquest for your reply, I will do an SAR to see what I can find out. NO MONEY HONY
  2. Hi I have a quick question to ask regarding the default dates that show on the default notices that have been sent to my OH and myself and the default dates that show on our Credit Reports for examlpe, Bank of Ireland / Post Office CC on the default notice received it is dated 08 December 2008 on the Credit Reports it states the default date of 05/11/09. We have only ever received the one default notice. Hope the above make sense Any help would be great!!!!! No Money Hony
  3. Hi everyone I think the Default Notice should be asking for the amount overdue/arrears NOT the full amount of your outstanding balance;) Hope this Helps Hony
  4. Hi rockwell, DD Apologies for not getting back to you sooner and also about the probs with my PDF file, I hope this one works. I have the original letter from Capital One and agreement you know the one's:- We've enclosed 2 copies of the credit agreement blah blah blah Read, sign and return the ageement with yellow band, the second plain agreement is for you to keep. Ok regarding the layout of the agreement. The original agreement that came with the letter that I kept in 2005 is 14 inches long, approx 2.5 inches longer than A4 paper, so I think they have shrunk it down to fit onto A4. I hope this helps If there is anything I can help with regards the original JUST ASK:) Regards No Mony Hony Capital_One_CCA[1][1].pdf
  5. Hi rockwell304 My pleasure:-) Not shore if it's enforcableable or not???
  6. Hello everyone is this what your looking for Capital One CCA from June 2005 Regards No Money Hony Capital_One_CCA[1][1].pdf
  7. Hi everyone New to this site only second post Hope this helps Captial One CCA from June 2005 Capital_One_CCA[1][1].pdf
  8. Hello everyone First time poster so please be gentle with me So here goes with a quick summary In May 2009 sent MBNA a request for my CCA which they ignored. In June 2009 after the 12 + 2 days sent a default notice which they ignored. In July 2009 sent a CCA request reminder which they ignored. On 7th July 2009 received a Default Notice from MBNA stating in order to remedy this breach I had to pay the full amount of the outstanding balance of £xxxx by 24/07/09 (only 13 working days) End of July 2009 sent a further CCA request reminder which they ignored. On 4th August 2009 received a letter from Experto Credite stating that Varde Investments had bought the interest and outstanding balance of MBNA. On 6th August 2009 made complaint to FOS re MBNA behaviour as account was in dispute. On 6th October 2009 received letter from MBNA enclosed was an Application Form. They state in there letter “the Application Form which we have sent to you is in fact a copy of your Credit Agreement, as is evidenced by its form and content”. (Not a single Prescribed Term in sight). xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I’m a bit lost as what to do now:- The FOS are chasing me for a decision re my complaint, they do not seem to be bothered about the fact that the account was in Dispute when MBNA sent me a Default Notice or the fact that MBNA sold the account etc etc. The FOS think I should accept £50.00 compensation from MBNA for the fact that they failed to reply to my requests. (it’s not about the compensation) MBNA claim that they had never received any of my requests, but when the FOS explained that there was too much proof that they had in fact received my requests. MBNA just put it down admin error????? Am I right in thinking that MBNA have not given me long enough time on the Default Notice they sent which was dated 7th July 09 for Remedy by 24th July 09 and the fact that they are requesting the full amount of the outstanding balance? if so is there anything I could /should do???? I have kept the envelope you know the one S were the stamp would go, it also says UKMail express parcels & mail, I think it is 2nd Class. (only 13 days) I stopped making token payments to MBNA in October 2009 All correspondences to MBNA were Recorded Delivery with receipts and proof of signatures. Also I have receipts for the £1.00 Postal Order and proof MBNA cashed it. I have not sent a request to MBNA for a SAR so far There is wrongly sold PPI as I am self employed and Obscene Charges This is for a MBNA credit card Sorry if what I have tried to explain is a bit messy, not great at putting things down in writing, but I expect I will get better in time. . I can go into more detail re the above if need be. Thank you Sooooooooo much for any help and advice. No Money Hony
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