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  1. The car's been serviced and checked thoroughly. The mechanic said that the car was in good shape, suspension is fine, job looked to have been done properly on the gearbox (inc clutch), brakes have been changed... All is fine - the car has been given a clean bill of health. I've managed to put my mind at rest. The way I see it, I bought a 3 year old Golf with a slightly high mileage (40,000) for it's age for £8k - which is very good for a Golf. The car had a major problem when i bought it, which Carcraft sorted out for me free of charge. I've raised a complaint that it took them 3 weeks to replace the gearbox and clutch. I reckon the car is worth more than £8k now that the major fault has been resolved. I'm happy now Cheers for your words of advice
  2. Hi Frank, I'm getting the car serviced (independantly of CC) on friday. They've agreed to check over the motor - including the job that CC have done. How would I go about getting access to a Service Record Print for my car baring in mind that I have no service history? Cheers Mark
  3. I've got my car back now. It's working fine. The clutch problem seems to have been erradicated. They've said they're sending me the receipts/invoices for new parts that were used. I still don't think I can trust them though, so I've booked my car in for a service (this friday) at a local garage. I've been to that garage before so the mechanic/owner knows me and he's agreed to inspect the engine, transmission, gearbox, brakes, stearing, suspension etc and give me a report containing anything serious that I can take to carcraft before my warranty runs out. markyg30: don't back down to them. But make sure you check up the various trading acts (i.e. wieghts and measures act, descriptions act etc) to find out where CC are in breach of law - then you've got them by the balls. Could you let me know why you are starting action against them? Surely there must be some people who've bought from CC and been completely happy with their purchase/the quality of service they've received. Are there?
  4. Do you think that I should ask Carcraft to do their 150 point check again and give me a full report of the findings? That way I could take the car to VW for a checkup and compare the information.
  5. Thanks for the advice Connif. It's all been taken on board. Me and my fiancee put a letter together last night. The letter contains a list of our concerns with regards to the service that we've been receiving from Carcraft. I'll be asking for every piece of documentation associated with the work done on the car - including extras like guarentees on parts. If I'm not happy with the reply that I get, am I in a good position to ask for my money (£8,101) back for the car? Thanks again, Mark & Holly
  6. Hi, I recently made my second biggest financial purchase (after my house). I paid £8,101 to Carcraft for a 06 plate VW Golf 1.9TDi (40,000 miles, no service history - I intend to get it services soon). I thought I had got a great deal from them. With the car I got a 3 month warranty - they tried to sell me the extra warranty regardless of the fact that I only had £8,101 to spend. Anyway, within a week of owning the car i noticed a quiet scraping noise coming from the clutch - as i pushed the pedal. I also noticed a rattling noise while the car was stationary. These were tell tale signs of something gearbox related but I didn't know how serious the fault was. Within the 1st week of owning the car, I called Carcraft/Carcraft Services and arranged to put my car into their garage to have this checked out. I put the car in on monday the 8th of June (2009). Carcraft have investigated and diagnosed that the car requires a new gearbox and clutch. To cut this story short, here are my complaints: - It's now the 28th June (sunday) and I still don't have the car I bought. I've been without my car for 20 days. They gave me a 1ltr Vauxhall Corsa as a temporary replacement for a VW Golf - thanks ! The garage have ordered the wrong part twice in the time they've had the car. This has led me to evaluate the competency of the mechanic's ability to fix the fault properly. The 3 month warranty that I bought the car with is dwindling away as each day passes with the car in the carcraft garage. - Carcraft assured me that the mechanics had done a 150 point check on the car to deem it fit for sale. They seemed to have missed a job that would set me back upwards of £1000 to pay a VW garage to fix. If it wasn't for the 3 month warranty, I'd be counting down the days/miles until the gearbox failed. The positive is that the warrantly company agreed to front costs to repair my car - however I still dont have the car so things might change dramatically when I pick it up ! - Carcraft have rang me with an update only once in the 3 weeks that they've had my car - POOR COMMUNICATIONS. I've been the one having to calling them for updates - shocking. - My confidence in the car has fallen massively. I'm no mechanic but I'd assume that any car that requires a new gearbox after 40,000 miles is either crap (not likely, VW's are quite reliable) or has been driven hard by it's previous owner. This makes me worry about other potential faults on the car (e.g. head gasket, wishbones etc). The funny thing is that the tax on my car expires on the 30th June 2009 (2 days from now). I have the replacement tax disc ready for getting the car back - but I wont take it to them unless they ring me to request it. The even funnier thing is that the tax on the courtesy car (Corsa) also expires on the 30th June 2009. I'm not going to ring them to let them know. If I get caught, they'll get the fine. I plan to ring up customer services to raise my complaint tomorrow morning. I will also be putting some demands in. Here they are: 1. I'd like for Carcraft to pay for an Independant mechanic (of my choice) to run a full check of the car. That way, I'll be able to give Carcraft the report of any work that needs doing on the car. Basically I want assurance that the car is fit for purpose. 2. Extend the warranty by 2 weeks. 3. Have the car ready for me to pick up before Wednesday the 1st of July. If it's going to take longer, take it to a VW garage and pay them to do the work. If the above cannot be met, my request will change to: 1. Transfer £8,101 into my bank account and keep the car. Does anyone think that I'm being unreasonable with my complaint/demands?
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