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  1. :-xhave received a letter from iqor stating that we have to pay £3157.17 due to an overpayment of jobseekers allowance from sept 2003 to may 2004. we were first contact in 2008/2009 and we were told to appeal the decision which was then thrown out as it was too late to appeal???? but then we were not aware of anyting wrong until about 6 years later so that was not our fault surely. now iqor are on to us and we were wondering how this debt stands as far as time limitations as now its up to nearly 8 years sonce the apparent overpayments were made. please please any help would be great
  2. hi there, yes i am in scotland and it is very stressful. more so because i cannot just pluck this information from anywhere about banks or wages and i do not want this very dodgy person to get away with it. i am a totally honest person and find it incredible that these people can just get away with anything. thankyou for your reply:-)
  3. in 2009 i had a monoblock driveway laid. i was unfortunately extremely ill in that year and could not deal with the issues of the work until later into 2010. the workmanship is of a very poor standard and so i contacted the person who did he work for me. ireceived text messages back (which i have kept) to say that any problems would be rectified. but they never were. i then managed to get in touch with him again and he said he was sending a colleague round to have a look at what was needing done. the man who came round stated ' this entire driveway needs to be lifted, lev
  4. first i hope i am posting in the right place!! so heres the tale- my mum had her driveway monoblocked last february, but the drive is not even no straight lines, no drainage beside garage door. it is not right at all. (she unfortunately ended up very sreiusly ill in hospital hence the reason we are just ableto deal with this now). anyway she has contacted the person who did the drive and he said he would send someone to fix it, which he did but the man took one look and said this is not a small job the whole drive needs lifted and relaid. and because he was told it was just a f
  5. hi there, can anyone give me advice on whether i would have a claim for a mis sold mortgage from gmac please. here are the details:- date 22nd feb 2007 mortgage amount:- £93,425 total to be repaid:- £270,560.58 original fixed rate of 6.29% payment £494.26 until april 2009 now payment £219 at libor rate. i had adverse credit but my partner did not. also payment of £771.38 paid to mortgage company for set up plus some other fees. thanks for any help laura
  6. hi again, thanks for your replies. there is definitely no mention of it on my credit report and it is definitely older than 6 years. so then what would be the best letter to write to them to start the process. feel a bit of relief talking on here, bravo to all you knowledgeable folk!.
  7. hi all, firstly i hope i am posting in the right place! i received a letter last week addressed 'to the occupier' and the letter said to phone a number which i did and they were sending me some information out, they wouldnt give me any info on the phone. i have received their letter and it is from ruthbridge ltd stating that i owe cabot financial £1924.89 assigned from mbna. it states in capitals 'WITHOUT PREJUDICE', then goes on to threaten me with bankruptcy proceedings for recovery of the oustanding balance. further on the letter says as a final opportunity to avoid this i should pa
  8. happy new year everyone! i am looking for a bit of advice concerning the home learning college. a couple of years ago i signed up with a rep from the home learning college for a finance course costing approx £900. i decided within the cooling off it was not for me and tried to cncel by phone, post and email and was told theyhad no record of the cancellation, so rather than have people at my door i decided to pay the instalments asked of me by buchanan,clark and wells which was set at £20 per month and i am down to £136 left to pay. a few months ago i tried to return the course again (t
  9. hi, no i am not owe any money. i had this checked with my credit file. the default is satisfied. i am going to give all what your telling me a shot as i am at the end of my tether with this. i am so angry that they think that by sending copies of forms then that should be enough. i have not had any true documents from them since i started all this. why are they making this so difficult. when i had another default the creditor could not find the info for it and within 28 days the default was removed from my file as they couldnt prove it. why are studio so adamant with this and so unabl
  10. right quick update, i had wrote to creditexpert asking them to assist me in this and here is the reply i got:- Further to our recent correspondence, I have been contacted by Express > Gifts Ltd (C7). They have confirmed that the details we hold are accurate > and have requested that we retain the information on our database. > > They have stated that they have contacted you via letter. Unfortunately I > am unable to amend this information without the authorisation of the > company in question. > > The 'Notice of Dispute' will remain on your report
  11. thanks everyone for your replies still trying to beat them will keep you all posted
  12. hi all, right in november 2008 we received a letter from the dwp debt management stating that we owed £3157.17 of overpaid jobseekers allowance. we called immediately and tried to sort out why we were due this money. this went on for a couple of months and then eventually in march 2009 one of the staff found that we were not in the wrong and that the original jobseekers forms were filled out correctly and it was there mistake not ours. we were told to appeal the decision as is had to be put through formal channels so it could be wiped. i have received a letter today from the tribunals
  13. hi there, i am just looking for a bit of advice on early settlement fees for a a personal loan. i know that i can make overpayments at any time on the loan and am now in a position to pay off the loan in full. i have read that it is possible to overpay the loan and leave the amount of the last payment to be paid by direct debit and that would be the loan cleared without incurring the settlement fee is this correct? e.g my loan payments are £276 a month so if i left this much of the loan still to be paid by dd that final amount would come off as normal and the loan would be cleared? i j
  14. i have a default on my credit report for £20 from studio. i have tried all the letters for information on this and they are not forthcoming with anything. i asked for a copy of my credit agreement, they sent me a blank copy of one. i asked for the original default notice they said they were not under any obligation to keep copies of it. i sent them another letter outlining all payments i had made to them and could they send me a copy of my account showing payments made and where the £20 was still due and have now just been ignored. so i am not getting any information from them at all and
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