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  1. yup, I recommend people to stand their ground! Id also like to thank everyone for their help from this forum too!
  2. well. i had a huge row with them as they were demanding money...so,...I spoke to LG, The Independant Complaints Commision, Cit Advice & sent the seller an email telling them i will be taking it further Legally... .....They emailed me half an hour later saying i will receive my TV with the repair FREE OF CHARGE on friday!!!
  3. the fault report states replaced IC X 2 & smoothing caps to PSU & soak test to spec.
  4. now they have said they are sending the fault report as i have refused to pay until i see it.
  5. thank you! unfortunately, my partner had agreed to pay as hes fed up with it all & given up to easily! I have still stood my ground. I sent an email to them 2 days ago asking them to inform me of when the TV will be delivered & still heard nothing. I dont want to call them as ill explode & my partner is working away.
  6. we have received an email to say they have re[aired the tv and now ant payment. I have told them previously that i will be contacting Trading Standards & they are going against the SOGA but they dont seem bothereed. This has gone on for sooo long and i just want my tv back. Dont they have to provide a fault report???
  7. by the way they have already repaired the drop damage
  8. I know. Its causing so much stress at the moment. I havent had a tv yet paying my bills, sky etc. They flatly refuse to repair/replace under SOGA so what do you advise I do now please??
  9. all they have told is is that they will charge us 50% of the repair cost, approx £43 as a good will gesture for the damage to the corner of the tv. Nothing mentioned about any replacement at all. They are adamant & getting snotty with it now saying the component that needs to be replaced is NOT an inherant fault.
  10. from the seller. they are saying as its nearly 2 years old we need to prove the problem existed from day one of purchase. we have since been told that the tv was damaged by the courier on delivery to the seller. (corner broken). THEY SAY it was because it wasnt packaged properly. We wrapped as follows; polythene bag around whole of tv to protect it, then loadsa industrial bubble wrap then cardboard outside and corners. THEN... all covered with a whole roll of "FRAGILE" tape. When courier collected we told him it was a tv & to be very careful. The seller stated that we cannot claim from t
  11. have received email today after chasig saying they want £89 to repair it. i chased & asked what was wrong with tv & they said it needs parts for the power supply & fault with PCB supply. where do i stand in regards of getting tv repaired for free cos surely its an inherant fault & parts like that should last more than 18 months???
  12. do you think i could ask them for suitable material to wrap tv in? im so worried that it will get damaged too
  13. they have offered to collect the TV and do a free check...no mention of a repair
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