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  1. al27 yes i see how these crooks are getting away with it its unbelieveable! i am ignoring their invoice i have phoned armtrac several times the same woman answers who tells me she is operator 8 every time! i have asked for their registered company address she has no comment and to put it in writing,i asked her if i can pay my ticket fee at queensgate house she says no because that is their main call centre,i have told her that is a lie because i have phoned queensgate house and that is just a mailing address they use,she tells me that the ticket is a non vattable invoice!when i look them up
  2. well iv phoned trading standards who have told me to write to armtrac or pay? the sia only licence individuals not companies so they cant help, the police cant help with a private company and they have told me the courts will get involved if i dont pay?? the local council said they cant help if its private and to pay
  3. i missed out one line from pictue of reverse invoice underneath the appeals part it says "full payment of pcn ticket admin fee must be included"
  4. i thought i should mention that as well as the shop signs saying customers only there is an armtrac sign saying they patrol the premises and wheel clamping or tickets are in operation. is it absolutely correct that armtrac cannot do this as im planning on parking there tomorrow and confronting him about this!
  5. http://i692.photobucket.com/albums/vv283/angimac/scan0002.jpg
  6. http://i692.photobucket.com/albums/vv283/angimac/scan0003.jpg i did it anyway, its shocking that they can get away with this but i shall take your advice and ignore them,thanks again
  7. it is early in morning the pics seem to small when i look will try once more
  8. i didnt seem to scan 1st pic properly so will try this one
  9. ok thankyou feel a bit better after reading that
  10. hi this is my 1st time on here i cannot seem to start a thread so am replying to this as its what i have a problem with. i parked outside a shop it is a disability centre,i went in there for a quote on a product,when i came out i had been issued with a parking place standard charge ticket by armtrac the shop has signs outside saying customer parking only,which i was,anyway i told the guy in the white van this and he said he had to issue it. on the ticket it says my offence code is no permit displayed,i told him i do not need to display a permit as its not for disabled badge holders,its for
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