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  1. thanks for the merging =] Yeh, it's definitely a personality clash. I'm looking at getting out of there anyway, it's not a job I can see myself doing long term, but I don't fancy having a dismissal on my record
  2. I posted on here earlier today about my job situation, that I feel like I'm being forced out. I'm worried that my boss might just fire me. I've not done anything wrong, I always turn up 15 minutes before my shift starts, I've made two mistakes on the till in six months (both easily rectified, so no money was lost) I open and lock up the shop thoroughly. It is just a clash of personalities, but I've been trying to make the effort to get on with her but so far it hasn't worked. I've never refused to do anything she asks, no matter how silly (like mopping the floors even though it's be
  3. so what should I do? Will I need to get my contract? I'm going to speak to her about why she's weird with me, but if it goes wrong, what course of action could I take? thanks in advance
  4. I'm not a temp though, I applied for the job and was brought in to replace the previous assistant manager. She asked me if I was there long term, as in not going to uni etc
  5. I don't have anything, I had an 'induction' on my first shift but it was literally reading the health and safety and signed to say I understand it, and it was around then she said I was told I'd be guaranteed 30 hours a week, and like I said, for the last six months those are the hours I've worked. As regards to a contract, I've had nothing, she's not given me any paper work to sign after my 3 months probationary period, it's just carried on. It's an independent shop, so there is no-one above my boss to talk to, and technically I'm next in line because I've got the keys/do banking etc
  6. I started my current job in mid-may 2011, I've never been late for a shift, I've only had one sick day (that was a genuine reason) In my interview my boss said I'd be getting at least 30 hours a week, and I've been getting around that, at 33.5 hours for those six months. As it stands there are usually three staff on Monday to Friday, four staff on a Saturday and two on a Sunday. I usually get Monday 9-5, Tuesday 9-5, Friday 8:45 to 5:15 (because I've got the keys to the shop so have to do banking/cashing up tills), Saturday 10-4, and Sunday 11-4 (Have to open up/close/cash up here, t
  7. oh, yeh, I forgot about that, I've been there six months but no sort of contract has been signed, or even talked about, other than my initial interview
  8. I started work for a small business in May of this year but the longer I'm there the more my boss gives me grief. After three weeks of my starting my boss gave me keys to open up/close up, do cash handling and bank runs, yet I'm paid minimum wage, even though the last staff member with this position was paid extra for doing the same job. Also, the bosses daughter is paid double pay on Sunday's, whereas myself and the other staff I work with aren't. She changes my rota without telling me. Usually I work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with Wednesday's and Thursday's off.
  9. I bought a G5 17" iMac off eBay. It was sold as working, the person selling it said it was collection only, however, I e-mailed them asking if they'd post it, and that I'd happily pay delivery costs. She agreed A few days later I receive the iMac, the screen didn't work, so I tried the recommended Apple techniques for such a thing. It worked but the screen turned purple/green, and now won't start up. It was sent in a box full of S-shaped polystyrene, the box had crumple zones on the corners, the unit wasn't well secured in the box. Who do I go to, Parcelforce for damaging the
  10. We've got a staff member who is a complete pain in the arse. She's lied about having terminal cancer, a miscarriage, various other illnesses, and she's the most two-faced individual ever. She stirs up trouble between other staff members to stop them socialising, she recently started a rumour that I slag off my best mate behind my back, telling him that I say such a thing, when in reality, he's my best mate of 10 years. Is there anything I can do, or we as staff, can do to stop her? She's a supervisor but also temp manager as some of the full-time managers are off on holiday at the mi
  11. At work we've got three managers, at the moment in time they're taking holidays off, so they've trained up two people to cover as managers. Their positions are BCO's, basically supervisors, a step down from management. I'm just wondering what the law is regarding CCtv viewing, since one of them keeps checking back through previous footage and constantly watching us, we're talking actual hours of viewing the cameras here. As far as I'm aware, she doesn't have an SIA licence or CCtv training since she's only a temporary solution until the managers get back from their holidays
  12. If I work 6pm till around 11:30 they'll take 30 minutes off our wages regardless of if I've taken a break or not. They put in that anything over 5 hours you HAVE to go for a break, but lots of us don't see a point for such a short space of time of 5 hours So with statutory bank holidays you have to get paid a bit more? We all signed contracts ages ago saying it was ok to go to a zero hour contact
  13. well we all signed something called a zero hour contract. we don't get paid double on bank holidays but get 5.5 weeks off a year as opposed to 4, and we're not guaranteed a set amount of hours but how are they trying to vary the contract agreement? can they actually force us to go for a break, or make it look like we've gone for one anyway, therefore taking money from our wages? they say to reference the company handbook but that's outdated by 6 years
  14. I'm a part-time technician in a bowling alley. I do two shifts a week as technician and then three shifts a week as barstaff BUT I do the exact same job as the full time techs, when i'm a tech. on my wage slip it even says i'm a tech, rather than "bar/reception" etc that everyone else has on different departments. Thing is my hourly rate is £5.90 and working out the techs wage per hour, they're on £6.30, am I being shafted by getting paid less for the exact same work?
  15. The company I work for, a Bowling alley, seem to be trying to cut down people's hours They've now brought in a new rule that if any shift is over 5 hours long that you have to take a half hour break, if you don't, it'll be take out of your wages regardless. Is that legal? I know for a 6 hour shift you're legally entitled to a 20 minute break, but for a 5 hour shift, is there any legal requirement that your employers have to give you a break?
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