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  1. The law, as has been said, is 'an ass' and is there to protect the wealthy and big business. Somewhere along the line the law stopped consulting the common sense of that mythical man on top of the Clapham Omnibus. Good luck. It's about time our spiv MPs started to look after the ordinary people
  2. good luck and keep fighting, admire your spirit and determination i worry because there might be many old and infirm folk out there who are being harrassed by these rogues - but what do the authorities care? as long as they get their tax paid pensions
  3. i agree - but you won't get it with this government, they are too busy looking after their banker and financial institute friends - its that craven cowardess that got the county into a mess. this lot don't care a s*d for the little folk
  4. dead right the system is biased. wasted of space council officials and public servants don't do a thing to curb these debt collecting rogues
  5. it's about time our good-for-nothing government stopped harrassing the ordinary citizen and gave these rogue debt collectors a taste of their own medicine. Looks like the good guys are just an easy target. Why don't this government do something useful at last. All this money spend on this agency and that commission - what does it achieve? - nothing, except jobs for their cronies. Seems to me the government is scared of these debt collectors and their legal sharp boys.
  6. Forgot to add - I'm severely disabled. I need the money - do Nationwide care? Big isn't always beautiful and in the case of Nationwide its positively ugly. Nationwide rides roughshot over customer cpmplaints. Whatever you do, avoid them like the plague
  7. Nationwide have real problems understand two words 'customer' and 'care' My bonds matured so I loooked around for e decent investment. Saw it at Santander. But almost two weels after maturity Nationwide still haven't paid me my principle and interest. They have this 'leagalised [problem]' that holds on to customers' money until really pressed. Wow, imagine the inteerst they are making on our money. Nice work if you can get it - and it seems Nationwide can!
  8. srj are not respectable - i think our agencies are turning a blind eye to their activities - another case of wasted money on these quangoes who are suppose to look after the public, not these cowboys
  9. remarkable that srj are spoken of as a 'respectable' company ask that to anybody who has been targetted by these cowboys, both those who owe debt and many of us who owe nothing but are still harassed makes me wonder what the authorities are doing
  10. Let's all resolve to write, telephone or email our MP, OFT or the police and report what SRJ are really up to.
  11. I was told by one government agency to contact the CAB if I was being harassed. I wonder how long it will be before if we get attacked in the street the police won't bother to come out but tell us to ring a Direct Call Centre Pathetic! These agencies are a wasted space - & certainly a waste of tax payers money
  12. Don't think that writing or contacting SRJ is going to do any good. Facts and truth are not their concern. It just amazes me that a company can run a premium rate telephone [problem], harass people who are not the person to whom a debt belongs, and our agencies like the OFT, Trading Standards Officer and even the police just stand by and let it go on. It only goes to show what I've always thought. Our civil servants are useless, not there for the ordinary man or woman. But whatever you do, do not sit back and let this company bully you. Complain, complain and complain. Go to your MP,
  13. I'm now convinced that they get your phone number, put it on an automatic dialling system and charge high premium rates when you answer or ring back to see what it was about. Isn't this a [problem]? I thought this was illegal? Why don't our overpaid civil servants at the OFT earn their keep and fully investigate? Isn't it time the general public were protected?
  14. I would suggest anybody who is being harassed by this company, especially as in my case when I do not owe anything to anybody, sends the details to 1. their MP 2. OFT 3. Trading Standards Offcier in Surrey where the company is based all addresses and email contacts can easily be obtained online SRJ's latest [problem] is to put your phone number on a computer and keep ringing you. If you ring back you are almost certainly charged at premium rates
  15. I've had the usual idiotic letter from SRJ saying I've changed addresses when as an OAP I've lived and retired in the same house for years. I don't owe money to anybody. How can it be legal to get these type of letters. So I've spoken to my solicitor and sent all the letters to the Surrey Trading Standards Officer (SRJ are in Surrey) and also asked BT to record their telpehone calls as 'nuisance calls' You're right. Demand your MP and the police do their job and protect the ordinary citizen. Don't put up with it. Ask for SRJ to be investigated. If enough people kick up we can ge
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