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  1. Hi, We recently moved house and new property did not have and working landline. Previous supplier was Virgin Media but that was cancelled by the previous occupier's family. When I looked to transfer from my current home the website said I would have to pay a new connection charge for engineer etc. As BT couldn't provide the service I arranged for Sky to provide phone line and Broadband as part of my existing TV package, BT however want to charge £169.75 early termination of contract fee and a separate charge of £31 for "cessation of broadband." My question is simple, are they en
  2. For speeding offences i.e. those coded with a prefix SP then under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, if the conviction date is over 5 years then it is considered spent and you do not need to disclose it. For accidents/incidents whether a claim made or not and irrespective of blame, you must disclose all incidents within 5 years prior to the date of application. If in any doubt though you should disclose any information which may be relevant to the risk. The insurer will decide whether the information is material to the risk or not.
  3. This is an interesting case (I work in the business) and from the evidence stated here, it does appear that the Third Party is at fault and she is trying to dig herself out of a big hole. I will be interested to see how this pans out. Please keep us informed. You BiL suffered minor injury, has he claimed for this? If so then the TP Insurer is obliged to acknowledge within 21 days whether they intend to contest. There is a framework used by insurers for injury claims via the MoJ which has strict timescales which the insurers must adhere to. If he hasn't done so, it may be worth persuing
  4. There are a number of Insurers who will accept a letter from your employer confirming the number of years claim free. Some however will only accept a letter from the fleet insurer. If you work for a large company and have a risk/insurance dept then speak to them. You must though have been allocated a vehicle and had use for SDP and not just had the occasional use of a pool car.
  5. To clarify some of the points raised in this post which I trust will be useful to other Caggers.... *Driving other Cars* extension under your own policy provides Third Party Only cover should you drive and vehicle not owned/registered to you. It is not something to rely on and was originally designed for use in an emergency. Most Personal Lines insurers no longer provide this extension and very rare under commercial contracts. If someone needed to claim whilst driving under this extension, it would be the driver's own insurance policy that would respond, not the owner of the ve
  6. The advice given here is good but to add to it, the scheme will be a "binding" authority where Towergate sets the rates. They have a number of such schemes. The broker will take a commission to sell and administer policies through their agency. However, claims should be directed to and handled by Towegate. Policy sound like the standard farming all risks policy however I'm surprised there is a limit as low as £5k for this. If the issue though is with your broker I suggest you report them firstly to Towergate then to the FCA. Towergate have the ability to remove the broker from their
  7. If it's on the MID then you will not get stopped if pinged by ANPR however should you have an accident or need to make a claim then you may find out that due to a technicality the renewal did not go through when it is too late. It is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance is valid and the fact that you know you haven't paid would be a significant factor against you should you make a complaint. Advice therefore is to contact the insurer as if lapsed on their records it may not be possible to reinstate it. You comment about reminding them of their "own mistake" may backfire as the
  8. Unclebulgaria is correct, an excess whether compulsory or voluntary for own damage is payable by the policyholder irrespective of blame. If however the incident was not your fault and an identifiable third party is responsible then it may be possible to recover your excess and any other out of pocket expenses. If you were in a car park where you had to pay then you may be in a position to recover from them. It's worth a try doing so as unless your insurer can recover too, you will probably lose part of your NCD.
  9. If you've reported this to your insurers, they should deal with the summons. Advise the court that you are forwarding this to your insurance company ( use the contesting section to advise them ). You don't need to take any further action - but do ensure the court is aware.
  10. I renewed my Tesco car insurance in November ant it was cheaper than the previous year. It was my first renewal with Tesco. When I rang to query, they said that they no longer price match, haggle etc but offer their best renewal price first time which to be honest is quite ad. mirable. Their standard wording is one of the better ones in the market so I renewed. Although there were one or two cheaper ones out their, the covers were pretty basic. The "get 2 months free" advertising is simply a gimmick but people are still taken in by it. Look for free instalments or cheaper deals with the s
  11. There are two seperate issues here, the voiding of the policy and the "admin" fee. Adrian Flux are a broker who specialise in non-mainstream risks and knowing the insurers that AF deal with I'm suprised that your occupation causes an issue. That said, the Insurer are within their rights to void the policy when thy know the full facts. I don't use or trust these comparison sites ( well, I use only as a guide ) for reasons like this. Forttuneately the vehicle registration would've been input on the MID immediately so no danger of you being pulled for no insurance. They have declared th
  12. Guys I was being practical and suggesting that if there wasn't a claim involved then the insurer should not be persuing the correct "underwriting" rate as the annual policy would have lapsed. I am well versed in underwriting having worked in the industry for the past 25 years. Fortunately I got out of personal lines as "no experience needed" now as it's all automated without the need for actual underwriters who know what they are doing - I can quote from a text book too !!!
  13. Provided that you have not made a claim or any potential claim pending then simply move insurers. This is a nasty habit personal lines carriers are getting into as it's very difficult to prove disclosure one way or the other. I don't believe they can persue you for any additional premium provided there is no claim. Make sure you check who the actual insurer is though to ensure that they are not from the same group.
  14. Who has authorised £9k a month for credit hire ? If this is a non-fault incident, I suggest you speak to the Lorry Insurers as they may be in a position to mitigate the total loss given the ridiculous quote for credit hire. This is one of the reasons that motor insurance costs so much !
  15. A disqualification though will NOT invalidate your NCD. Rule of thumb is 2 years but certainly Aviva and CIS (Co-op) spring to mind. Might be worth speaking to Tesco too.
  16. I'm assuming that you have a "combined" shop/cafe policy which is essentially a comprehensive policy covering vrious perils and including public liability. Should there be no exclusion by the council in the placement of "street furniture" and signage and, as you say, all reasonable precations taken to ensure secure then I fail to see where your insurer can refute your claim. This should clearly come under the PL section of your policy ( have seen many examples in the past where similar incidentshave been covered ) and would expect the policy to respond. I suggest you write to the in
  17. DJW, An insurer does have the right to recover any outlay they make should your policy be voided but in all the years I've worked in this industry, I've never actually heard of any enforcement to an individual for motor. I would however question why the insurer is looking to void your policy. Is it a minor non-disclosure or omission such as forgetting about an incident a few years back or a minor conviction. More personal lines motor insurers are trying to get out of paying claims etc than ever before ( not just the .com pirates but some so called reputable ones ) and is simpl
  18. Hi Rebel11, I've now had a reply from the letting agent who effectively are washing their hands of the situation and referring me to the LL. I've explained to them the issues in my letter however they just keep saying that "and repairs" etc are the LL's responsibility as the LL is the managing agent. I've no idea on tenancy law however I would've thought that the Letting Agency was acting on behalf on the LL ( thus his agent ) and have responsibility to put right any problems. My arguement is that I did not have an opportunity to challenge anything on the Inventory prior to signi
  19. Whilst my own area is large corporate type insurance, the same principle will agree to an annual policy whereby there will not be a cancellation clause - as it is a commercial product, the usual 14 day cooling off period will not apply. Instaments are simply a facility to pay the annual premium. Saying that though the insurer/broker would be obliged under the FSA to provide full renewal documentation within 30 days of the renewal date. I think the best way of trying to resolve the issue is to get a letter from the FA confirming you were covered under their group arrangements and any Insurer
  20. Yeats, As this is a "Commercial" Insurance policy, you certainly would need to give an agreement to renew however in general, this is an annual contract and probably only has a cancellation clause benefitting the Insurer and not the policyholder. Liability claims can have a long tail i.e. claims made long after expiry but during the period cover was granted hence the reasoning that no rebate would be forthcoming. If you can get a letter from your County FA confirming there was a duplication in cover and that the FA policy would respond in the event of any claim then your insurer may
  21. Wisona30, Please see my thread which may also be of assistance to you Trojan http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/residential-commercial-lettings/261839-tenancy-signed-house-not.html
  22. Thanks very much for you prompt response which I'm sure will be of assistance to others in a similar situation.
  23. Apologies, just noticed Wiosna30's was a duplicate post any have read the comments on the original. I would be grateful if comment could be made in respect of my letter. FYI - Monies paid by Bank Draft for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  24. Hi All, My situation is very similar to that of Wiosna30 in that on we signed ( and paid deposit + 1 month rent ) ant the letting agent late on Friday. We went on Saturday to check all ok however to our horror it was not as expected. We viewed the property twice and all appeared well and previous tenant seemed resonable. However when we viewed on Sat AM, all was not well & wife was in tears. I therefore spent 4 hours there yesterday noting all faults etc. A professional inventory was carried out with a number of observations and recommendations however non carried out. One of th
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