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  1. I did as advised, but have now recieved a letter from CCS Collect, debt collectors. The letter states: 'This is a formal notice of intended court action. We may take action if you fail to pay the full amount you owe within 7 days of the date of this letter' So now what ? Thanks Paul
  2. Hi there Thanks for the replies, but can anyone give me some cold hard facts as to why your so confident that if I ignore, I'm not going to end up with a court summons / CCJ. - or point me to a similar thread please. The company name is G24 LTD. I did go back yesterday, in the daylight and there are signs that read: 3 hours free parking. We have applied the 3 hour rule to allow everyone to gain access to the shops. If you exceed this there is a £50 parking charge. Another thing, they state they contacted the DVLA for my address via registration plate, is this legal ?
  3. Hello there I have just recieved a Parking charge notice for £50 (£25 if paid within 14 days) last Friday night we visited a cinema complex, the cine complex car park was full so we parked next door in a retail outlet car park, you know the type with a pizza hut, Homebase, Toys R us etc.. A few days later I recieved a letter, with photos of my vehicle (with number plate visible) entering and leaving the car park. I can understand them having a 3 hour time limit, during the daytime when the shops are open for trading but from 10:30PM - 2:01AM seems ridiculous and is purely
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