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  1. hmmm, it think this is what the council were saying that they dont wont to incur any charges. In any case the clamp has been removed - although the council have said that they did not know by whom. I have asked for the council to provide me the responses to my sisters letters and which they said they will provide. I have to wait to see what their response is before i know which direction to move but i think i will contact the EHRC as this matter seems to have arisen out of the council not providing disabled parking for my sister. Can you believed they actually told her that she shoul
  2. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer?) of the council? I didnt realise that council's had CEO's. Yes, we are in contact with the LGO and they are currently processing our matter. I have thought about going to the papers however due to other unconnected matters my sister wishes to keep her identity and address private.
  3. I think it was a bailiff. According to my sister, the council originally instructed one set of bailiffs to carry out the clamping and when she saw them she showed the the blue badge and the motability paperwork and they decided not to clamp it. Then the council instructed a different set of bailiffs. The council seem to be working in a very shifty way to be honest. I have asked them to provide their responses to her letters and we will see where that takes us. They are trying to get her to pay £3000 worth of charges which is ridiculous. She's also almost had a nervous breakdown over
  4. Developing news! The car has already been declamped but yet the council are still pushing me for a response???? I'm really confused why they want me to agree not to make a claim for any charges incurred whilst the clamp was on.
  5. The guys at Islington are pushing me for a response to agree not to bring an action against them. Do you really think they would be worried about a discrimination action? I think he may have meant that we should not make any claims against them for any expenses incurred whilst the vehicle is clamped. It's been clamped for one day, what charges could they be?
  6. Hi all, I've got a bit of a situation on my hands. My sister has a Motability Car for her disabled daughter. In 2010 Islington council started carrying out works to the roads around my sisters flat which meant that she couldn't park anywhere near her flat. she wrote to them and asked them to put in a disabled bay for her, they refused. she asked for an alternative means of parking, they refused and said that the only alternative was that she should appeal any ticket she got. As you would imagine she got a ticket and appealed it, in the meantime Islington were issuing tickets on
  7. I do have my own oyster card but i'm faced with the problem that now that i have requested my balance from Tfl for that time period in March and a history of my travel from the time predating that as evidence that I always used my own card they have told me that they cannot provide it because they only keep a record of maximum of 12 weeks.This has made me quite annoyed, the whole process has been left for almost a week short of 6 months and TFL do not have the records that would provide a defence for me.Any suggestions?Apologies for yesterday's rant, it wasnt a great day and I had just read ab
  8. Hi guys/girls,I posted on here a few weeks ago.I had my own little episode with TFL and the prosecutions office for using my fathers card.I wrote 2 letters pleading my innocence and i've been told that my case is proceeding to prosecution. The offence is "travelling on the underground with the intention to avoid paying". I am entirely innocent of this offence and thus I pleaded not guilty.I have spent thousands of pounds over the last few years using oyster season ticket loans and monthly passes and what not. On the one day that I make an honest mistake in taking the wrong card to work I am st
  9. hey does anyone know how long it takes them to respond to my letter?
  10. thanks for your honesty underground. I have written to the prosecutions manager and explained to him (in a very apologetic way) that this was a completely innocent mistake. For the record we dont share a coat, my dad just uses my coat on the odd occassion. Still Not sure it makes much of a difference. I will await a response from them with fingers crossed
  11. sorry, thats what I meant. Employee pass. It is the purple one thats how i realised it wasnt mine when the inspector took it out of the plastic wallet. The issue of the pass being permanently withdrawn isnt really an issue as my father has since left. I have my own normal payg oyster card but i dont think i had it that day. i thought i had my own but i obviously had my dads
  12. One other thing is that the incident happened in mid March. and I have only recieved the first letter from London transport. Is there a chance that this could drag on beyond a six month window which would be in approximately one months time?? or am i clutching at straws :S
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