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  1. Thanks for that andy ,but scottish law is very much different to english and welsh law, but you may be correct re. this issue . I just wish i could get a definite answer i.e. if acs law(england and wales) legally bring a case against a person in scotland DO THEY HAVE A CASE TO ANSWER as laws hereh a4re different. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D
  2. Another question I've asked and would like to ask again, this firm of solicitors represent laws or legal system? in England and Wales. We all know that Scotland has its own laws/legalities etc. so can anyone pleaseeeeeeeeee tell me if they have any legal "clout" here in Scotland. This Question I really would like answered. Darko strength in unity:-|:-|:-|
  3. hi haggishunter, following on from earlier your idea re. why not all employ same solicitor to defend/fight on behalf of all, is great idea and i for one am certainly up for it, but how do we set the ball rolling. I thought, and hope, that maybe the "administrators" of this site could help. Car. is this possible? I originally thought that the title of this site meant exactly that. Anyway correct me if I'm wrong but please advise a way to get organized. Thanks to all contributers to the site as it does alleviate some of the stress that these letters are causing. "Unity is strength" D:-o
  4. Hi ig, file ID I have been sent is DEAA49C0D2B8F............ also the IP address they have me down for is different from the one I have at mo. Not really into technics of pc's so dont know if this is worth mentioning as others on forum say IP addresses change every time you log on! Anyway got my LOD from template off being......... site but will not send yet.
  5. Hi DJMM, when you say you missed the guy, do you mean the news reporter? Also the file ID I sent you for "scooter" is different from the rest an I couldn't find it in the link you posted. Any gen on it? cheers D:-|
  6. Hi all, yes haggishunter, mines exactly the same scooter jumping all over the world second class post except £501.24 also in Scotland and wondering same about legal process. Am looking forward to see what they have to say to DJMM cheers all:|
  7. Hi I,m new to this site and came by it after looking into ACS Law as I also received a letter from them yesterday asking for £500+ after having supposedly infringed copyright by downloading a song or album a year last May. I certainly did not download the song in question. My pc is used by all family and also has wi fi connection. I have no knowledge of song in question and most certainly deny liability. I notice that there are many conflicting words of advice on this forum as to whether to ignore the letter or send a response. Would it be better to wait and see if "step 2" is followed up by t
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