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  1. Hi all


    I have now scanned the letter and here it is -










    in regards to the rebate, I can honestly say that was news to me. As just prior to this date I have a letter stating the opposite that they were not taking my complaint any further.


    I got a bad feeling about this "offer" because the debt is now in dispute as the CCA is not on one page it is over several and my signature is on a blank page so it could be for anything.It was after putting the account in dispute I tried to for the PPI. If I agree to their terms would that be an acknowlegdement of the debt?


    What do ya reckon?


    Ta in advance.

  2. Hi all


    Seeking advice as per and not sure what to do. I had a loan with Lloyds TSB and disputed the loan due to a misold PPI and they failed to send me a properly executed CCA. Anyway, I tried to reclaim the PPI but Lloyds were awkward etc and I have letters to prove this. They said they PPI was NOT misold and that my complaint was not vaild etc.


    Yesterday I received a rather lengthy letter from Lloyds stating that they had reconsidered my complaint and would "reimburse" me but seeing that I had received a "rebate" in Sept last year this would be taken into consideration....


    I think I need to scan this letter and post on here. Its is a few pages long and I will do this later on.


    Apologies for this but I have warning signals left right and center about this. You comments will be appreciated when I scan the letter and post on here.


    Ta for reading.

  3. Hi all


    I sent Vanquis SAR's on behalf of my husband and we have recieved it back. There was no credit agreements except the application form and nothing stated to say if it was held on microfiche or anywhere else.


    The help I need is in regards to the statements themselves - picking out the late payment fees is easy as they state what they are etc but on a great of the statements even on some where there has not been late payment or cashe withdrawal there are 2 lots of interest e.g. interest £14.78 and then interest £3.90.


    I scan one statement if reqiured as they are one pagers anyway. Can anyone enlighten me as to why there are two interest rates and can we claim it back and if so which one can be claimed back.


    Any assistance in regards to this is greatly appreciated.


    Many thanks in advance.


    PS site has changed... like the layout.. ;)

  4. I think these debt collecting clowns have bought the debt from sky.


    Over 2yrs ago wescot came chasing for £42. I replied to them, they then sent a letter saying I hadn't responded to them, they then claimed the amount owed was £138 and not the £42 as mentioned in their first letter to me. they then replied to me saying they'd returned the matter to sky,


    Now fast forward 2yrs without hearing one word from sky, and S.R.J Debt Recoveries are now on the case, this is without sky making any contact with me for nearly 2yrs after wescot returned the account back to them,


    I think S.R.J may have bought this from wescot for pennys.



    This is the letter I previously sent wescot, from this they sent me a letter saying it had been returned to sky, this was nearly 2yrs ago.




    ACCOUNT REFxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



    Dear sir,


    Please be advised that my account is in dispute with you, I totally disagree with the figure you say I owe you of £138.00, this is in no way a true figure of the amount that I owe which is infact £42.00.


    Until you confirm to me that the true amout owed is £42 I will not be making any payment on this account.


    I look forward to hearing back from you shortly regards this matter.


    Yours Sincerely





    If you think westclots have bought the debt then send the prove it letter a CCA - its worth the quid. Never admit to nothing to these clowns make and let them prove it.


    Hope you haven't sent the quoted letter to them.

  5. I do still owe £42 to sky as I sent the letter I previously did to wescott, from that letter wescot sent it back to sky, I only moved to this address in March of this year so as you can see nothing was done about it from sky, now nearly 2 years down the line this, I think a letter saying something like this amount owed is VERY in dispute and has already been returned back from Wescott to sky because of this and may I suggest your company does likewise?


    Hi scarborosmoggy


    You admit to owning £42 fair enough but not the amount Westclots are chasing if I was you I'd send them (Westclots) a CCA and let them prove YOU owe the debt they are chasing no CCA then send them bogoff letters.


    Once you have sent the bogoff letter and if you still want to pay the £42 then contact SKy direct and make payment arrangments with them Or simply save your £1 or whatever amount you are offereing aside then either send them a cheque or postal order for the amount owed.



    Hope it works out for you.


    teed_off x

  6. Thanks for your reponse 2Grumpy. I have sent moorclots a bemused letter. As my train of thought is going down these lines - Lloyds have sent this account to 4 DCA's and 3 times it was passed back to OC. So am thinking that to put this in court they would have to supply some sort of evidence that I agreed to the overdraft and to supply termination notices and what else is needed and they haven't got them.

  7. Thanks Pinky


    From the reams of paper work recived with the subject of access there is no letter about overdraft with interest rates etc and most definetly no default notice - nothing.


    All I had was reams of statements and some other stuff with codes etc. Is there a dispute letter somewhere on here to send to them?

  8. HI



    I am being chased by Moorcroft for an overdraft and they are the 4th DCA to chase. It is an overdraft and I did CCA Lloyds one was never produced. When I wrote to the other DCA's they sent the account back to Lloyds and even BLS wrote to me and I stll wrote back account in dispute - the last DCA was 1st credit and now moorcroft.


    I have scanned in their letter and can Lloyds take you to court for an overdraft thats made up of their charges? I have SAR's them and at present going through the info.


    Any advice gratefully recived.













  9. I have now scanned the letter and hopefully it should be showing. I have reread and reread it and for the life of me cannot see if they hold the original signed agreement.. al they have done is sent in reconstituted terms and conditions - I also have a couple more questions


    1: Aqua have sent a reconstituted agreement (supposedly) would that not be on one sheet with just the signature missing?


    2: can an application form be counted as an agreement?120t0xv.jpg


  10. Hi all


    To cut a long story short - I sent a CCA request to Aqua and today I received a copy of a signed application form and a twenty page document with terms and conditions and they state they have complied with the request as they have provided a reconstituted agreement


    To quote Aqua "I have enclosed with this letter a copy your reconstituted version of the executed agreement comprising both the original and current terms and conditions and a copy of your original signed application form together with a signed statement of account".


    No signed statement of account tho. Does this actually comply with the request and if so what happens next?


    I will scan the letter later today.

  11. Hi All


    not sure what to do about this one, my son had reg wth home learning college and found the course was not as he was sold it. Cut a long story short he missed a month or two payments and agreed to add £10 on top of the original payment. The debt was passed to Apex, anyway Apex said this payment were never received even though it he proved it by sending them bank statements etc.. they continued to hassle him. Anyway, he stopped paying them in August and heard nothing until Nov from Clarity. So I CCA'd them - on sat we got docs through the post, but they are not my sons they were for someone who lives in the south of England - I have all his bank details even the security code on the back of his card.


    What they sent for my son was a registration from and yellow piece of paper which was carbon copy of something and anther paper which says he was accepting etc and that he understood the terms overleaf etc..... but no student number nothing so whatever he agreed to was not there.


    What should we do now?

  12. If you have already had a CCA there is no point in wasting more money. Was the CCA enforceable?

    I am sure that if an account is in dispute they aren't supposed to sell it on until the dispute is sorted but I'm sure if I'm wrong some will tell us.

    I would be inclined to send a letter just to remind them that this account is still in dispute, I'll guess that Argos hasn't told them.




    no they sent me an agreement with no signature on it :shock:

  13. Hi All


    Received a letter of assignment in regards to an Argos card today - its already been to 3 DCA and the last one being Fredrickson Int .


    The letter is from dlc and says that Argos no longer own the account and I should still deal with FI but the account is in dispute since beginning of the year. There was a letter from Argos advising of the assignment of debt etc.


    Do I send the account in dispute to dlc or send another CCA or do nothing.


    Look forward to your comments

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