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  1. We are with Kensington Mortgage and never had any probs with them until last year when they demanded we prove that the house was insured. This demand was complied with. This year we heard nothing from them until today when we received a statement and I found they had been taking £18.82 extra per month and as separate transaction since Sept. I called them up and they said it was a lenders premium as we had not showed out insurance cert as requested. (we never received this).


    I asked what was in our terms and conditions etc and the girl said there would be nothing written into the terms and conditions in regards to this... my questions are: Do they have the right to take this money ( lenders premium) without our prior consent from our bank account? And what can be done about it?


    My knowledge is ltd but I don't think they can take this payment if its not written into the agreement that we signed and since they have not sent an amended agreement in terms of a lenders premium they would be in breach of contract i.e. the original terms and conditions. Which I have requested they send to me.


    Look forward to hearing your replies.

  2. Hi


    Personally I wouldn't be going down the road of en or un-en following recent cases.


    Are you able to give more details of the matter and what the desired outcome for your friend is?












    Not much more no sorry. All I know that it was for loan as such. I am more inclined to advice doing a SAR and see what that brings up in the way of charges etc.


    Anyway thanks ever so for your input it is greatly appreciated. :|..

  3. HI guys


    Thanks ever so much for your responses. Yes I can see it now Ims, couldn't see the trees for the wood so to speak. I have downloaded the form an going to complete that this evening and will send it off tomorrow by special delivery.


    Will keep this thread updated as and when I get any responses and see how my battle is progressing.

  4. Hi all


    I was checking through my credit file as you do lol and was horrified when I saw the following. In 2008 we took out a secured loan with Black Horse for 25K but according to my credit file the starting balance was 35K. I rang BH to query this and was told the extra on top was for a PPI! I have since done a SAR and received the statements and need help in claiming this PPI back from them.


    We cancelled the PPI not long after getting the loan but the statement is somewhat confusing as its states we were credited with the amount but the principle didn't show it and we have paid what BH called the contractual interest on it.


    To be honest I would be really appreciate someone to look at the statements and point me in the right direction in regards to claiming it back.







  5. Hi there, this is my first post as only just joined.


    My husband received a phone call from Capquest this morning asking him to confirm his postcode and d.o.b, which he refused as he didn't know who they were, and they told him they had sent him a letter, but wouldn't tell him any details!

    The letter arrived in the post about an hour later!

    The letter stated that NatWest wish him to pay a debt owed to them of over £60,000 and that he should contact Capquest to avoid litigation.

    There is an ancient debt with NatWest as a result of a partnership, dissolved in 1991, which the remaining 2 partners carried on the business, and then it collapsed leaving an overdraft of around £20k. My husband ended up carrying the can for the whole debt (being severally and jointly liable apparently) and it was agreed in court that he would pay £50 a month. This was in 1996. There was 1 attempt in 1997 to increase payments and he has heard nothing more in the intervening years.


    The ironic thing is they wouldn't give him any more information on the phone because his date of birth didn't match their records (but his name, current address and previous address did!) He was then accused of failing to co-operate when he refused to send proof of his date of birth! (how that would help when they obviously have it wrong is anyone's guess!)


    Any thoughts on how best to proceed with this one? Do business overdrafts come under the CCA? Would this come under data protection if they are sending letters to people without confirming their identity first??







    Hello Sarah and welcome to CAG.


    Your husband is paying a debt through a court order therefore you can tell Capquest to take a hike. So long as no payments have been missed then they have no legal standing. Nat West as creditors can apply to the court to increase payments but Capquest cannot. It sounds like Nat West have sold the debt to these leeches but thats what they are.


    You cannot be taken to court for the same debt cos if I got it this right its double jeopordy (spelling). I would still wait for those who are far more knowledgeable to advice and wish you both the best!

  6. Hi Siliverfox


    Yes they did reply but could not supply me with all the information that I needed. What happened was this I defered my loan as you do and they still put me in court and this was in 1999 I even put in a defence and it was disregarded. I was paying the CCJ up until last year and I thought to hell with this 11 years is long enough. I stopped paying them and requested my signed CCA which they could not produce. Then I sent a SARS thinking along the lines if I get the court number then I could hopefully get it overturned on the grounds that it should never have gone to court etc as I was not working at the time as I was a looking after my mum and hubby. They couldn't produce this info and still can't and now they are threatening court action again... but they can't do this as its already been to court and they can't find the court number etc.


    So thats where am at with HSL and thats when I found the start date was totally incorrect.


    I also found more discrepancies as well and thats with Lloyds TSB.. and boy am I going to have field day with this one. We took out a secured loan with them in 2008 and on my credit file its says the amount is for example 15k but on my credit file it says 25k, These amounts are examples. So I rang Lloyds yesterday and it seems the extra 10k is for a PPI that was cancelled when my other half realised it he was paying for something not wanted. However, it have accrued contractual interest... so now am now going to send them a SARS and see whats what and also to find out can I claim this back and if I can then if can be offset against the balance. There were a couple of others but these two were the worst.

  7. Hi all


    I subscribed to this site and its good fair play but I am finding incorrect information on it. I know its not their fault but how do I change the details that they hold? An example of this is the Honours Student Loan Company... I was in college from 92 to 95 so its the old style loan but HSL have stated that the agreement stated Account Opened 1 April 1996, I did a double take when I read that/ OK I have a mega dispute with them and sent for a SARS last year to gain information required which they still haven't provided to date. Surely they can't register infomation which is totally incorrect and it looks like I received a students loan 12 months after I graduated.Also the loan I had was under the old agreements and I belived the student loan agreements changed in 1996.


    What if anything can I do about it?


    Cheers all xx

  8. Hi


    Bryan Carter was/is threatening me as well for a J D Williams debt which isn't mine!! If I was you I'd report him straight away to Solicitors Regulation Authority the address is :


    Solicitors Regulation Authority Ipsley Court Berrington Close Redditch B98 0TD

    Also to the office of fair trading, their address is :

    Office of Fair Trading Fleetbank House 2-6 Salisbury Square London EC4Y 8JX.

    This man needs to be struck off and not allowed to practice ever again. He is a destroyer of souls and its about time he had his cumuppance.




    I wish you all the best and hope all turns out well - send in your complaints sooner rather than later.

  9. Hi All


    Am at my wits end with Bryan Carter.



    He is pursing me for a debt thats not mine.



    Its started when Fredricks sent me a couple of letters and



    I replied by sending a letter stating that I had no knowledge of this debt etc.



    Next thing My Carter is writing to me threatening court action.



    He says that unless I pay by March 25th the latest then am in court. AND this debt is not even mine!


    I sent him a subject of access requesting a signed credit agreement and any statements in my name etc

    also for any further information he had on me.



    He has replied by sending this.


    Also I have sent letters of complaint to the OFT and the Solicitors Regulation Authority in repects of both twerps.


    I have also told Mr carter that if he persues this and puts it in court then I am having transfered to my local county court and will defend.



    I fully expect to see a signed credit agreement with MY signature on it.


    This is the letter he sent me. Any help will he appreciated.



  10. Hi Formister


    Thanks for your reply but am not sure how it will help me tho. Well I got the card in April 2007 but according to these agreements I am supposed to have signed at the end of may 2007 also the "card" is dated May so they wouldn't give any agreement in retrospect would they? The date on these agreements are 26/05/2007 which was a whit bank holiday so the card would have start date June 2007 not May.


    I wil scan both in and post them.



  11. Hi All


    About two years ago I cca'd Lloyds TSB for a credit card debt etc,



    I only did it because they took all my wages from my current account to pay some of it.



    they sent me what they said was my signed agreement but the signatures weren't mine.



    Both sigs on the agreements whilst looked similar were different.



    I disputed the agreement and it has gone from one debt collecton agency to another

    and none of them have produced the CCA until now.

    Not even a SARS producded it.



    Robbersway have produced the agreement that was sent to me 2 years ago.



    Now whilst both appear to have these signatures that are purported to be mine

    Robbersway agreement is not very clear apart from the signatures

    also where the bank should have signed on the one sent to me it is blank



    but on the Robbers way one there is date stamp and suiqqle for a sig.


    Now I am not sure what to do

    - do I print off a copy of the one sent to me by Lloyds and send it with a copy of Robbers way

    and say sorry but this beggers belief that someone is committing fraud etc.



    I hope that lot makes sense.,


    Any advice would be welcome..

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