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  1. I have too send SAR twice to lloyds simply because they say they didn't receive a request for the credit card even though I did state in the request all details they held on file for me to include all accounts as well but what they sent first time round was irrelevent material as in a tree forest of paper which meant nothing and the agreement purportedly signed by me.


    What I have now the information I requested the first time round! to be fiar to me I have tried and tried to get this sorted since 2008 and all lloyds have done is run rings round and that is not right and now this other debt collection agency is trying to do the same and thats wrong.


    I have gone through all the stuff Lloyds have sent me this time, and from what I can on their systems there is 3 different dates for this agreement, and when you do sign such documents the persons who signs always dates it as well. Well this agreement has two different sigs and the date signed in a completely different hand.


    The debt itself was written off by Lloyds after it was sent to external debt collectors , then it was sold in 2013 to the lowest of the low.


    The reason for this new thread is because I couldn't find the orginal amongst the oceans of posts to search through but I do apologise for any inconvience that was caused.

  2. Thanks for your replies greatly appreciated.


    I did see a note to stating that it had been sent to debt collection but that was in 2010

    then 2011 it was written off and nothing further after that Until



    sept 2013 from the buyers so to speak.



    Its for a credit card and and its been disputed since Dec 2008

    and no payment was made by me since Oct 2008.



    The default date would be Oct 2008 and that can be proved.


    I have checked my credit file and it does name the "new owners" but the default date is incorrect.



    How would I go about changin that please?



    There were a couple of others that are statue barred as well and the dates on them need changing or they need to be removed.


    This has been a real worry for me and its the 2nd SARS I have sent lloyds and they still haven't provided all the requested details.

  3. Hi


    I received today my SARS from Lloyds formally Lloyds TSB and I have two questions to ask please.


    1: It says in part of the documentation that the debt was written off in 2011 and the balance was nil. It was then sold in 2013, am I right in thinking that as it was written off by the original creditor two years before they sold it, the "new owner" cannot collect on it?


    2: Signed credit agreement, copy received throught the SARS and same debt as above, the date was not entered by me but on the documentation sent with the SCA is different to whats on the cca. Would that also make it unenforcable as fraud would have been committed?


    Would really appreciate help on this as I need to put this to bed asap and I am getting begging letters galore from these "new owners" and they seem to disregard any correspondance I send them.


    Thanks very much even for reading x

  4. update on this, still wiating to hear what the disrtict judeg has decided but bwlegal have sent me 2 threatening letters this week!! Both stating that they are going to file for banmkrupcty next week. I have rung them but you get a voicemail an am not leaving my number for them to hassle me by phone. What do I do now?

  5. All done and the district is in court tomorrow so am waiting with everything crosssed.


    I have just got back from the court to find a letter from bwlegal stating I haven't responded and the letter is quite threatening, to be fair I still have 9 days left to respond.


    Oh before I forget I also found correspondance that I sent to Sechari, Clark & Mitchell which are Lloyds TSB Solicitors and its dated 24 July 2009 and its states clearly that I was disputing the debt as they failed to comply to my request for further information and a complete breakdown of the debt. I also made an error in a prior post its 2010 since I last heard about this.

  6. Hi all


    Last I heard about this was in 2009 when Moorcroft were chsing for it.



    I asked them for clarification and they never responded.



    It is a statutory demand and I think its for an overdraft but not sure.

    All it says on it is lloydstsb and bank account.


    In all honesty when I was served the notice it was the first I had heard anything since 09 about it.

    I have moved house but had a redirection in place for two years a

    nd recieved no correspondance in respect of this debt at all.



    THe guy who severed me was very intimatdating and he did it in front of friends who had just arrived.

    He was flashing the notice around so that others could see what he was giving me.


    There is no help info on the stat demand at all.

    So I feel like a car with no engine. If that makes sense.


    Thanks once again x

  7. Hello


    Crikey I need help with this one.


    Lowells filed for bankrupcty petition on LLoydsTSB bank account.


    Last I heard from LloydsTSB was in 2009 until Oct 5th when I was served this notice.


    I am not sure what to do now and would really appreciated some help with this.


    The date on the letter I recieved is Sept 20th 2013 and I was served 5th October.


    I have received no assignemnt of from Lloyds and its an overdraft which they increased without my consent whether verbal or otherwise.


    Please help me

  8. Apologies for not getting back sooner than this mainly due to hospitals etc etc.


    Thanks to all who have responded, I do however have a couple of things to say.. The reason I requested SARS was to obtain the court case reference number so that I could complete (forget the number of the form) an N???? to have the case transfered to my local CC on basis that I was not given the opportunity to put in a defence.


    If they cannot give me this case ref for the CC, how can they enforce the judgement? Furthermore they seem to think its was a different CC than the one they used 13 years ago. There is nothing on the Ministry of Justice website in my name and the court they used 13 years ago well their records only go back to 2001. This goes back to my questionS, how can they enforce the original judegement without a case ref number and can they take me to court again for the same debt?

  9. Hi All


    Hope am in the right place for this post.


    I need some clarification please.



    THe story goes...



    . if a company took you to court in 1999 and never enforced the judgement.



    You then sent a SAR in 2009 as they started hastling you to obtain the court reference and case number and



    then they referred you to original lender so you sent them a SAR and they returned your postal order

    stating they did not have any info about you on their system as the debt had been sold etc.



    My question is this can this company take me to court a second time to obtain another CCJ

    when they have failed to provide information when they were sent a SAR?


    Hope that makes sense!

  10. Hi Just read through this thread and I am having the same problem with HSL! I sent them a SAR in 2009 requesting the the following info e.g all data held on me and more specificall all CCJ and case numbers etc. They responded by sending a SCA but not my sig and the agreement was illiegeable apart from the sig. They also referred me to the SLC so I SAR them as well and they responded and even sent the postal order back stating that HSL had all the info sent to them when they bought the loan. Its been back and forth since 2009 to Drysdens and others and now HSL are at it again and they still cannot provide me the info requested.


    In all honesty Drysden do not have the court ref number and neither do Northampton Courts simply because the SLC sent it down to Bristol as thats where they deal with non payers etc. Bristol CC do not have any info before 2001 and of course the Ministry of Justice web has no info either. So unless either STC or HSL come up with the goods ie case reference numbers then I would hazzard gues that they cannot 1: enforce the original CCJ and 2: as they have received a SAR and cannot provided info they its double jeodordy which means you cannot be sued for the same debt twice. If am wromng I will apologise and stand corrected.


    T x

  11. This would put you out of time to appeal the decision. Did your hubby challenge the decision in 2010?


    Yes he did and the DWP did not reply until Jan 2013! But that can't be can it? If the DWP doesn't inform you then how can you appeal in a specific time span? I can prove he did not receive the payments but no one wants to help. what a situation to be in!! This is so so wrong!

  12. Hi All


    Not sure where to start with all this!! Husband received a letter from the Debt Management Corby in July 2010 about an over payment of pension credits of 8K which was amassed Feb 2004 to June 2007. We were both shocked by this and contact the centre same day as he received the letter. They could not give us any information in regards to this and referred us to the pension service. We contacted them and they could not give us any information either. So we wrote to them disputing this amount and asking if they can send details as to how the payments where made i.e. bank,building society or giro. We didn't hear anything from the DWP until Jan 2013. When the DWP said they had reviewed all the "facts" and the overpayment was valid.


    Well in 2003 my husband opened an PO account and had the benefit he was claiming paid into it, he was in receipt on incapacity benefit then in 2005 he turned 65 and his benefit changed to old age and his statements from the PO show this clearly. We don't know what to do now as no matter we tell them or send them the DWP are insistent he owes this money and they have started to deduct money from his pension.


    What can I do about it? I am in the process of formulating a complaint and sending the copies of the statements and asking yet again where was and how was the money paid to him! I am so tired of this and frustrated to say the least. Today I contacted the debt place again only to be referred to the pension service cos they can't answer my questions and the pension service refers me back to the debt people again. Surely to God there is somewhere in this country that can help me get this resolved! Sorry for the rant and any help will be appreciated. x

  13. ICO?? am sorry I have no idea what this means.


    To be fair all I am asking is for help in obtaining the information that either the student loan company or honours student should be able to supply - both have been SARS'ed and neither can supply the info and yet Drysden is intent on pursuing this.


    I now need to pursue this in court in order to force the HLC to supply this info etc or at the very least get this wiped off.


    Seems to me that that some people appear to get all the help they need and others such as myself doesn't.


    No matter I will go the cc on Monday and obtain the info and hopefully help that I need.

  14. Hi


    Yes I have rung the court and they do not have any information prior to 2001 and they suggested I look on the ministry of justice website and do a search there. Done that too and nothing to be found.


    What I am after is help on going about putting the HSLC in court to force them to either give me the info or admit they ain't got it and ask the judge to have this debt wiped off etc.






    they cant have two bites at the cherry , drydens are muppets like this.


    pers have you checked you cra file, it might be sb'ed?


    the court should have the judgement details ring them






  15. Hi Everyone


    Drysden are chasing me for a students loan pre 1998.

    It had been deferred but the Students Loan Company still put me in court around 1999/2000.


    I did put in a defence but they got their CCJ.

    They then rang me said it should never have gone to court etc and asked if I could pay £5, so I agreed to this.


    About 3 years ago bank accounts were changed and this payment got missed in the transfer and it went unpaid.


    The Honours Student Loan Company began chasing me for the debt.

    I joined this web site and found if I had the case number etc I could try to get the case transfered to my local county court on the grounds that my defence went unheeded.


    I have since sent the HSLC a SARS and SLC requesting all info and in particular all county court judgement niether can supply the information

    and Drysden is now contemplating taking me to court yet again for this loan.


    I have now given them 7 days to comply and then I need to take HSLC to court to get the info any suggestions or assistance as to how to go about this will be greatly appreciated


    many thanks


    Teed_off x

  16. Do you still have the insurance paperwork? Kensington amongst others will insure the house with their own insurance company if you don't provide cover. If you still have your paperwork from the company you used to insure your property, Kensington should return the payments to the account. Have you had a n increase in the interest rate lately? I hear the wotsits are increasing the interset rates again.


    The house is insured and there was no documents as we are still with the same company - they offered us a good deal again this year so we stayed with them. What I was asking is this does Kensington have the legal right to impose a lenders premium on your account and take the money out of your bank account without prior consent?

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