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  1. I have been given a deadline of 17th Aug to respond to this dca's request. They mention removing the hold on the account and state that 'normal collection methods will recommence". I am asking for help regarding my position of standing with them, especially if you have looked at the uploaded app. form in post #9. What content should I include in my response? Regards.
  2. Hi Guys, dx, when you say "ok your issue is that they've had you for years on this", what do you mean and what is the remedy? Just to confirm: I have not received any statements, either 6 monthly or annually The app. form they have presented does not have all of the T & C's required to be compliant with my cca request. ( it would be good to know what the T & C's are so that I can perform a checklist as a cross-reference) apart from the obvious of paying (which I think is in dispute because of the app. form response), what are my best next steps to reduce this ba
  3. Hi dx, The balance is not showing. Mk are acting on behalf of NWide c/card. I originally was looking for a case of the account being unenforceable. Is that still applicable here? The Summary of account history is below: * NW c/card a/c created in May 2000 with credit limit of £2,100 . * Over the years it increased to £5,300 (last NW c/card statement I have to hand is for July 2006) * default notice received (no date on letter) * account sold to Mk * with the aid of CCCS, I offered and made payments of £5 per month * I have Mk payment books with slips for these paym
  4. Hello, Any response to my uploaded file at post #9. I would like to respond to the dca. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ok, thank you. Will look into tomorrow when my head is clearer Warmest!
  6. Oh, sorry. I was referring to when you mentioned CISHEETS.
  7. Hi, Any response to my attachment upload? Regards.
  8. Yes, and if they are applicable in my case. Regards.
  9. Hi dx, Thanks for that. It shows that I am on the right track Regarding the levy interest, I'm not sure what you mean. Is CIS applicable too? Can you explain a little further as I don't know what information to include? Regards.
  10. [ATTACH]45678[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]45679[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]45679[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]45678[/ATTACH] Hi dx, Thanks for the information. I used the spreadsheet here as it seemed closest to my situation => StatIntSheet v101.xls Both of the figures for the revised (A) and (B), are different from my initial calculations. The interest works out to be more i.e (A) = £201.00 and (B) = £208.80 The results are below: Summary (A) Total PPI Owed £232.77 New 8% Stat Int. £201.00 New Total figure £433.77 Summary (B) Total PPI Owed £241.81 New
  11. Hello there, Attached is the scanned copy received from MK, including my initial CCA request letter. If you look closely at their information, you can see that the edges and lines are not smooth, almost like it was cut and pasted together. Is this what is meant by reconstitited? Regards.
  12. Good Morning, I aim to contact KF today with my response to their offer but before that, I just wanted to clarify the figure I am prepared to accept from them. I have calculated a final acceptance figure(s) of (A) £232.77 or (B) £241.81 . This comprises the following: (A) PPI amount per year £29.99 x 4 years of payment = £119.96 (KF's quoted figure) PPI Owed £119.96 Int Rate 8% Interest £9.59 x Days Due x *3,926 days / 365 days per year
  13. That's what I thought. Thank you. I've also attached the information previously sent as proof. Regards.
  14. Also, I have read (and please correct me if I am wrong), that wouldn't the 8% interest include a timeframe element of when the last payment was made (Nov 2002) to when I made the complaint to them? If so, then that is a duration from Nov/Dec 2002 to July/August 2013.
  15. Hi ims21, That information was never shown on the paperwork that I have. Below is the response from the email received from KF. I still have to respond whether to accept or query it: "Thank you for your email and the information you have provided in relation to your complaint. I am sorry we have given you reason to complain. I tried to call you today to discuss this matter further. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. I have reviewed your complaint and have given my findings below. On your policy from 6 November 1998 your paperwork shows that this cover was included in
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