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  1. Well they didnt follow it at all? they had one meeting and dismissed with immediate effect. I read somewhere that the tribunal awards between 10 - 25% uplift. so i was just estimating in the middle. The other i didnt know how to assess was injury to feelings is there any definite way of determining a figure, I put down £2000 as a general amount.
  2. Ok so this is what i have so far can somebody let me know if this ok? or if i have missed anything significant? Thanks ------------------------------------------------- Statement of Loss ------------------------------------------------- 1 Basic Award Calculated as 1 week pay per year of service. Last Monthly pay of £xxx.xx multiplied by 12 months divided by 52 weeks multiplied by 2 weeks. £000 2 Loss of Earnings Calculated actual loss of earnings from the period
  3. Hi Everyone, I submitted the claim and it has been accepted by the tribunal, and they have sent out case management orders. The first is to provide a schedule of loss by the 8 August, Could someone provide with me some guidance as to what i need to provide on this as i am completely cluess. Is there a template of some description for this? Any help would be much appriciated. In addition i contacted the CLA and am awaiting a form to complete to confirm eligibility for them to take the case forward, but they have told me to continue with the process myself until such they confirm they can t
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm going to go to the manchester tribunal to file on monday morning, could some one advise do i just submit the ET1 Form to the tribunal, or do i have to send it to the reponsdant like in the small claims?
  5. Ok so the case law is abit over my head but this is my understanding? Its not a modern apprenticeship as there is no third party, unless you count the parent company which i dont think would apply. I assume this means companies like JTL who act as an intermiatary like electrical and plumbing appreticeships. The things which suggest it is a traditional apprenticeship are: a) The salary is below minimum wage - i assume this only applys to apprenticeships. b) The training is to be taught a trade, i have no official role onboard other than to study the Officer of the Watch. In add
  6. Thanks elche, what do you mean by "creates a series of unique situations that can effect your entitlement to pay" and "could affect the right things to write in the POC". I remember reading that if apprentices are dismissed they can claim future earnings? But i don't know what the legal test is for apprentice?
  7. Becky, the CAB couldnt help to much extent and just advised to do what i was doing, as only seen them when sending the appeal letter. The company i work for is based in guernsey, but the ships operate primarily in the UK and ocassionaly north europe. The parent company of the company i work for is uk based, i didnt know whether to include them in the claim or not? They are who i have had all contact with. I was reading some reports by nautilus and some solicitors websites, which explained that the UK tribunals do allow claims for seafarers with a connection to the UK.
  8. Thank you madari, will add that in now. Thank you elche: What do you mean by legal apprenticeship? My employment was a training agreement its not listed as a modern apprenticeship, but is very similar in nature. The company pays for all the training involved, and at the end of the programme i would have become a qualified navigational officer. The pay is well below minimum wage, so i assume its classed as an apprentaship in that respect. Monthly pay was around £500. Under the termination of agreement it just says that the company can terminate the agreement on certain grounds, no men
  9. Hi Everyone, I was dismissed from work due to illness 2.5 months ago, and need to file my ET1 form by the 10 July. I was trying to get representation but all avenues failed due to lack of funding, or resorces at law centres. I have written the POC could some just check through and give me some advice on them. Thanks in advance. _________________________________________________________________________ IN THE ManchesterEmployment Tribunal BETWEEN: xxxxxx Applicant - and -
  10. Ok i am filling in the defence form, and am stuck on question 6. "Do you intend to apply to the court for an order changing the terms of your loan agreement (a time order)?" There is no repayment plan agreed between the parties when the nil payments ended so i don't know how to answer.
  11. Can i request that the person who set the agreement up, be present in court. As he is obviously mis informing his solicitors & they do not know the what they are writing.
  12. The reason for the arrears is that i used the mortgage to purchase a development plot. The agreement with yorkshire bank was to provide an overdraft facility for 12 months in which the interest would roll up. after the purchasing the development property there were complications regarding an indemnity policy for a covenant, & in which i found out i do not have cover, nor can i get it. Which in turn prevented the finance for development with natwest. As this was going to be my employment i had no work, and could not make payments to the account. The legal issues regarding the land is curren
  13. Ok i uploaded all the information they sent me. Repossesion pictures by droddis - Photobucket
  14. The form title sent is Claim for possession of property. They have a legal charge on the property. I am unsure of the type of mortgage as in some places it just says mortgage and others it says an overdraft secured by mortgage. I will start to scan the POC now but there are a few pages so may take a while. We have no CCJ for any debt regarding this. The amounts involved are in excess of £390,000. If you require the exact amount i can PM you with this. Do you need the contracts that are attached to the POC as well?? I have also noticed under grounds for possesion it is
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