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  1. well all gov'ts look at Admiralty Law as it is the basis from what I understand. I still refuse to pay the 1Pound charge as I have never heard of it and if so it should be mentioned. On top of that a contract is legally binding when two people sign it not just one. A corporation cannot sign contracts and if in dispute it is up to them to prove to you that they are in the right. To demand a pound is absurd. Banks are fraudulent. I do need to read some more yes but also people need to read further and think about what it is you are doing. Falling into their game or standing ground
  2. Either way I still won't pay. it is not legally binding to pay 1GBP as I did not agree to it in the first place.
  3. Honestly I am disappointed at the lack of respect since I posted my own comment. Read Mary Croft's free ebook and google for that one.
  4. Why would one pay even one more dime just to fill their coffin some more. Even if you send them the pound whose to say they won't come up with another story. Also don't assume anything of another person unless you have complete facts about them. I'm just putting my two cents in is all. Sure somethings I need to read about more to understand but it's all a work in progress. I refuse to pay the pound fee. Show me copy of contract no if's, ands or buts!!! It is their obligation to prove to you!
  5. The statutory fee is complete fraud. I will not pay it. Admiralty law does not require you to pay it at all and that is what I go by. When sending letter send it recorded delivery and copy letters as proof.
  6. OMG if one was to take court actions as I have asked for copies of agrrements but none have come.. what is what I write when taking them to court? They have also tacitly agreed to pay me a sum of money for writing to me knowing full well that what they are doing is fraud. So another issue is payment.
  7. I already know the amount to claim against them my main concern is besides discharging debt for compensation what is the claim against them that I tell the court. I am working on filing the papers only but hung on second part to claim against them. Is it just discharging debt and compensation? Next thing is when I go to court judge will want to know compensation for what? But this last question will write something down after starting court action proceedings.
  8. Since December I have been writing back and forth first to Metro the to DG asking for three things: 1.Validation of the ‘debt’ (the equitable accounting of the transaction) 2.Verification of your claim against me. (A sworn affidavit.) 3.A copy of the contract binding both parties. They have not been able to provide me with that information. Keep sending me copies of my statements and finally last month sent a letter stating they no longer wish to carry on corresponding with me. They have threatened legal action and what not but won't sit down. I did use use a
  9. God the banks are digging themselves deeper and deeper.
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