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  1. I am a landlord and can explain how the DPS repayment process works You or the landlord can start the repayment process online The landlord then has to say if they are prepared to release the deposit or are retaining any part of the deposit (they must have valid reasons for this) - if there is a dispute there is an arbitration process The DPS pay the tenant directly and the landlord does not see the money at all but gets notified that the deposit has been repaid In summary I recommend that you don't accept anything other than payment direct from the DPS
  2. Thanks for reopening the thread. This is still rumbling on. After months of discussions I issued a SAR request to them which spurred them into action and I got a partial payment but they are claiming there is a credit note which has to be offset against what I am owed (this has already been deducted so is effectively being double counted). The good news is that this takes a potential claim under £10k and therefore into the small claims arena. Can anyone help me with the following: Where I can find a template for a Letter Before Action (I can't find the template on the site)? Am I at risk for their legal costs if I take action as a business (a limited company but just me!)? How do I calculate interest on what is owed? Am I allowed to include my time in sorting this out as part of this claim - as a business it is normally chargeable Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well this is really good news - the laptop is back and with working great with a new keyboard. The company was Laptop Outlet UK based in Woodford, Essex who ended up doing the right thing and giving some really good customer service. I am really pleased
  4. Sorry for the delay in updating but I have been so busy. The information is now all with my accountant so I can see what happens next. Thanks for the advice which I have followed
  5. An update - the laptop is off for examination with the seller today - I am paying to send it but can live with that. I will update on what happens next
  6. Thanks for the replies. I am not sure why I did not name the supplier - i was planning to - but as they have now agreed to look into this for me and were very helpful - I presume they will be pressing Asus as it was through Asus's website I was directed to theirs. I will name them or shame them in a few days. I would like to avoid legal action but will go through with it if necessary. Is there anything I can do via my credit card company so they can do all the hard work? Thanks again for your help.
  7. I bought an Asus T304UA laptop (its like a surface pro) on the 10th May 2018 and it needed to be sent away for repairs to the keyboard and display I two occasions before the end of September. Now the same issues have resurfaced and both the supplier and Asus are saying there is nothing they can do as it is out of warranty. As these issues were first noted during the first few months and they have failed within 12 months of being carried out what can I do next as surely repairs should last for more than 9 months and a laptop for more than 13. For info it was bought on credit card. Any help on the way forward would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. A n d r e w
  8. Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate your help. I will get it validated from my side but I still need to have confirmation from them what they consider they have paid me and what they think they should have paid me. Do you consider a SAR would be a good idea?
  9. Hi - I am looking for some advice and hope that someone can help. I did nearly two years work for a company and was paid into my limited company following time sheets being approved. Despite the ultimate client being fine payment was through a third party and at the end of their contract I found myself with a discrepancy of quite a few thousands based on my calculations (I accept these may not be accurate although I think they are). I have spoken to the company many times and they have promised to look into it but never seem to reply. As I want clarification that payments are correct rather than going straight for legal action any advice on what my next step should be would be greatly appreciated (a SAR maybe?) Thanks in advance. A n d r e w
  10. I am not in the motor trade but have bought, sold and especially rented a lot of cars in my time. With a car I think most is down to the keeper / user and, as others have said, you get good and bad no matter what. As an example when I have a project which involves a lot of miles I always rent cars for long term but still through the daily rental market and I treat them as if they were my own and can have them for the full mileage of the rental fleet - how can this be worse than a 2 private owner car with one bad driver who never leaves a town or city? The proposed class action is a complete joke in my view as there is no loss to the consumer whatsoever.
  11. Quick thought. For something like a ford Fiesta if you get your money back I would recommend that you look at the prices for brand new ones from car brokers ore reverse auction sites as even 4 years ago I was able to get one for my father which was UK main dealer sourced and had full warranty and everything for less than the car supermarkets were offering the nearly new ex rental ones. As a new fiesta is due soon I imagine there are some excellent discounts about. The site I used was Auto e Bid and the whole process was excellent.
  12. Well I sent the letter and was fobbed off with a comment that I needed to re-confirm my flights 72 hours before departure and sure enough this is in the small print. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what, if anything, I can do next?
  13. Quick update - I am planning to send the following to the travel agent and would appreciate any thoughts before I send it: FORMAL LETTER OF COMPLAINT – BOOKING REFERENCE XXXXXXXX I am writing following my recent trip with my family from Orlando to Leeds Bradford which was marred by problems on the return journey which could and should have been avoided had you acted appropriately: 1. We arrived at Orlando in good time for our booked flight at 19:17 (local time) to check in, online we had been told to report to the airport, only to find that it was not possible to make the connection in Miami to get us to London Heathrow and that something different had to be arranged. 2. Naturally, I asked why we had not been told of this or booked onto another flight (there was a 18:00 flight to Miami with the same airline which would have allowed us to make the connection) 3. Airline staff claimed that they had informed you as the travel agent and it was your responsibility to inform me and make alternative arrangements. 4. The check-in staff, who were very helpful and did everything they could, said the only alternative was to travel with British Airways on a flight to Gatwick and then make our own way to Heathrow 5. We had no option but to accept this and noted that we only had 3 hours to get from Gatwick to Heathrow including collecting checked baggage and then checking in again at Heathrow. I am sure that you are aware that this is not enough time to comfortably make this connection so we had to rebook on a later flight 6. The seats allocated on the plane to Gatwick were not together as this was not possible so my family was split with only two of the four of us being able to sit together and even this was across an aisle 7. We were responsible for making our own arrangements for travel from Gatwick to Heathrow, we did this by train and tube which is quite straightforward for an experienced traveller such as myself but would have been a nightmare for many people 8. We arrived home several hours later than we should having incurred stress and expenses which we should not have For reference the travel times were supposed to be follows: • 19:17 - Orlando to Miami (Iberia operated by American) • 21:15 - Miami to Heathrow (Iberia operated by American • 12:45 - Heathrow to Leeds Bradford (Iberia operated by BA) As the 19:17 was retimed to 19:45 (without us being told) the connection at Miami did not work so what we actually ended up doing was: • 20:15 - Orlando to Gatwick (Operated by BA) • 17:40 - Heathrow to Leeds (Operated by BA) The key questions I wish to have answered are as follows: 1. Why were we not informed that the flight time had been changed and our connection at Miami was no longer possible? 2. Why were we not booked on an earlier flight, e.g. the 18:00, which would have allowed us to make the other two flights on our journey? 3. What steps you plan to take to resolve this situation? This was an unfortunate and entirely preventable end to an otherwise great holiday. I look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, A n d r e w P o r t e r I also plan to send a similar letter to the airline but was wondering if this should be Iberia or American
  14. Thank you to everyone for your help and advice. Just for clarification the original plan for return was: 19:17 - Orlando to Miami (Iberia operated by American) 21:15 - Miami to Heathrow (Iberia operated by American 12:45 - Heathrow to Leeds Bradford (Iberia operated by BA) As the 19:17 was retimed to 19:45 (without us being told) the connection at Miami did not work so what we actually ended up doing was 20:15 - Orlando to Gatwick (Operated by BA) 17:40 - Heathrow to Leeds (Operated by BA) I will shortly be making my complaint to the Travel Agent and airline (not sure which one so any advice would be good) but wanted to come here first advice so I am prepared. Once again I have to say that the individual staff at Orlando (American and BA) and on the plane were fantastic.
  15. The payment went to the agent and, at Orlando, American did claim that they had contacted the agent
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