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  1. Hello I wonder if someone can give me advice please on how to proceed, I have likely done the wrong thing already. My bank of Scotland credit card was sold on to Cabot who I was paying £5 a month to (all I can afford) I stopped paying a while ago when even that payment got to much due to post op recovery and sick pay. Now it has been passed to nolans law and they are threatening court action. I have emailed them to offer the original agreement of £5 just to get them off my back as I'm scared about a ccj but I'm worried they will decline this offer and take me to cour
  2. Hello any advice on this would be great please! I have an outstanding balance with next catalogue. I have recently fallen behind with payments and have kept in regular contact with them regarding payment plans etc as my hours dropped in work. I have been paying around £50 per month however this has not stopped them now issuing a default and passing me to a dca who have began to text and call me even though I have received no written correspondence from them as yet. I have not called them back or answered the phone. I contacted next and asked if they could help and they are no
  3. I told the woman on the phone today that any contact would now be in writing...I defo don't owe any money to argos. I'm dreading the drama of being passed back and forth between the different companies but don't want this showing on my credit file for another six months! Question is do I write back to them directly as I read on the ICO website that they have to prove you owe debt not the other way about so would I request this to be sent to me first?
  4. oh forgot to add that all three credit reports are saying the balance was either settled in 2006 or satisfied this year (which it hasn't been by me anyway!).....but Fredrickson are telling me that the balance is still outstanding and will be pursuing me for it.
  5. Can anyone please help with some advice on how to proceed with this? I checked my experian credit file a few days ago and was surprised to find a default from global arrow for £172! Started: Feb 2006 Defaulted: Aug 2006 Satisfied: Feb 2012 I then went on to check credit expert and equifax and both have listed this account also. Call credit lists similar details to experian in that I defaulted and it has this month been satisfied....Equifax lists that the account was settled by payment in Aug 2006 and no default is shown! I contacted arrow global who put me through to
  6. Hello can anyone please offer me advice on the best way to proceed with this. I have just logged into my credit expert file and a default has been registered from a company called Global Arrow on behalf of a mail order catalogue. The problem is that the details state that I took out the credit in Feb 2006, defaulted in Aug 2006 and satisfied it this Month! - Feb 2012 I have no idea what this is for as I was unable to get credit at that particular time due to a messy credit history from a very messy divorce and I certainly haven't received any letters from this company or satis
  7. hi sorry if i am posting in wrong place! can anyone please give me advice or point me in the right direction? I am finally getting my credit rating back to normal after several long years and I have no more defaults etc on my file...however cabot financial are continuing to search my credit file for an outstanding debt?!? I am unsure what specifically to write to them about and how to go about making sure they no longer search my file..(surely they cant if the debt is to old to even be on my file) its currently stopping me from obtaining even a decent bank account as i am curre
  8. The last payments would have been around 2002 well over thesix years. Certainly no payments have been made on the dates stated. Thecomputer print out they have given me lists payments I have apparently made however do not show any specific details relating to me. I will send the first letter and see what they say. What happens if they cannot provide these details? I know for a fact no payments have been made the sneaky snakes
  9. Hi apologies firstly as I am sure this has been covered several times before which I am unable to find! (feel free to direct me to a link if poss plz also) I have received three letters recently for debt over six years and have sent off the statute barred letter.... Today I recieved a letter from 1st Credit claiming that I have made payments to Connaught by way of a standing order between 16th June 06 and 31st May 07. They attached a print out of these payments which looks suspect in itself ......(Payment type states "payment from connaught" - not to connaught and doesnt really link
  10. no i seem to just have a standard meter..just one reading on it and this is what they bill me for. i have contacted my landlords electrician and they have checked my wiring etc and everything seems fine so no help from them!
  11. I am currently with scottish gas after switching from scottish power in sept 08. The current bill I have just received is for over £400 for the quarter and when I call them they reckoned that was okay for a one bedroom all electric house with a single person living in it who is not home a lot! As you can imagine i am now watching my meter like a hawk and took a reading last fri and again this fri with a clockage of 79 units used averaging 11 a day...I know its now the height of summer and the other bill reflects winter so i am also considerin this. The difference however to what the
  12. Hi Rob I to am in the same situation and even though I am now switched to scottish gas i am facing almost a five hundred bill for the quarter. the previous bill was around 650 and it paid this off fully initially thinkin it was because i had been goin by their estimates and when i gave them the correct reading over the phone thought my consumption was much more.... but now this bill is also estimated by them and is actually lower than the meter says! scottish gas want to charge me £70 to come out and do a check on the meter as i believe something is defo wrong!! (one bedroom..
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