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  1. Sorry what are POCS? The solicitors are Cobbetts of Manchester. I fear i have run out of time to provide any documents as proof in court because i have not had time to forward copies. Everything has come a little too fast??
  2. I'm in the process of claiming back £790 of store card charges including interest and have received my court date in 10 days time. When i got home tonight i had a letter from their solicitors offering me a goodwill gesture of £590 (total claim incl fees is £860) if i dropped the action. I was surprised that whilst a lot of current claims are on hold, mine is being heard and dont know whether to decline and ask for more, or just turn up in court. What are my chances?
  3. :confused: I am ready to use moneyclaim to file three claims, two for the halifax and one for egg. How does moneyclaim know which claim is referring to which account as regards the two for the halifax (both will say defendant = halifax plc etc.... I have read moneyclaim forms and nowhere does it refer to an account number or anything?? Do they just look at the amounts claimed and cross reference them? Please help??
  4. Well a bits happened since my last post, lba date has passed, court claim issued on 3rd aug and acknowledged on the 13th by the bank, the court tells me they are going to defend - am a little worried now!!!! they have until 31st aug to decide!
  5. Yes but how do i file, with moneyclaim or small claims, this is where i am confused???? thanks for being understanding!!!
  6. I am claiming £770 back from Halifax Credit Card corresponding to Fife in Scotland. Have been through prelim, LBA etc and their time was up on Friday (after offering various low amounts). Although letter header is for Pitreavie, Dunfermline, Fife (where statements came from) it also shows Halifax head office address in Halifax at the bottom, do I file a claim through moneyclaim or small courts. Ive heard moneyclaim addresses have to be in England or Wales for both claimant & defendant, or do I file against Halifax address and let them pick up the pieces? Any help appreciated. gary. :
  7. Ive gathered so much, dont know why i put that on the end. I cant use moneyclaim can i, the defendant being in scotland. Am i right in saying i have to use small claims procedure?
  8. Can anyone help me with my court claim for my Halifax Credit Card based in Dunfermline Fife KY99 4BS. I live in England and have got to the stage where they have ignored my LBA deadline - do i file in uk or scotland?
  9. Halifax have replied to my LBA and offered me £300 only got till friday the 14th now, going for the throat and full amount!!!
  10. 'I calculate that you have taken £675 plus £69.67 which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £744.67. I am enclosing a copy of the schedule of the charges, which I am claiming. I have already sent you a copy of this in my original letter of the 23rd June 2006' Yes have used the excel spreadsheet to work the figures for charges and interest which i have included in the LBA. I have stuck to the LBA wording rigidly so this focuses on reclaiming the charges plus interest if they continue with negative action. Hope i'm right the letter has gon
  11. I have read threads until they come out of my ar*e, the interest i have mentioned is 8% of overdrawn charges i.e £25 8% over XXX number of days since the charge - is this correct? The prelim letter has blanks to fill these in and encourages you to send a schedule, reiterated in the LBA template.My prelim letters and LBA focus on the charge refund issue mainly as the templates state. I sent LBA today as I got a reply from prelim today stating that the offer of £37.50 was final and no further refunds would be offered. If we do not here from you in the next 8 weeks we will close the file, blah..
  12. Have sent preliminary leter to halifax claimimg charges and interest amount as in prelim template letter, got the standard response - offered me £37.50 out of total of £675 + £69 interest charges. Have now replied with lba as not response i required am i right to include the schedule of charges and the interset again. this is a little confusing as some threads state dont send interest amount unti court claim but the prelim letter and lba have the said amounts as £XXX's. Assuming that because they have made me an offer they know they are in the wrong. They also state that there will be no more
  13. Received a quick reply today after i sent my DPA to Royal Bank of Scotland (recorded delivery) saying that they had received my £10 statement charge and would forward my statements within 40 days? Here we goooo!!!!!
  14. Have just sent my DPA to Royal Bank of Scotland Mastercard in Southend -on- Sea , will keep you posted, here's hoping!!!!
  15. thank-you i will post my letter and fee for the last 6 years statements as royal bank of scotland mastercard is based in Southend -on-sea. regards gary.
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