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  1. Well they are really doing a lot of shopping in the MBNA store http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/13576/online-news/aktiv-acquires-470m-mbna-portfolio If they only paid $50 million for $470 million of debt they are going to have a lot of very dry lemons to try and squeeze
  2. One other thing with the PPI is that assuming she worked for the NHS she would in all probability (you need to double check this) have had cover for sickness, so when you reclaim thats another reason she would not have taken it out.
  3. You want a Co op cashminder account, when you phone they will automatically look at their "normal" accounts. The cashminder will not let you have a chequebook or overdraft, but you do get a debit card and internet banking.
  4. Could not add the link even though it was to this site as I only had 19 posts, this being number 20 it should work!! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?493-Harassment-by-telephone-response-letter
  5. I cannot help with most of your thread, but to stop the phone calls you can send That should stop some of the pressure and give you a chance to think calmly. Also read carefully the letter from Fredericksons, does it say they WILL take you to couert or MAY take you to court? If its the latter you have a bit more space before anything happens. Good luck with it
  6. It sounds more like a debt management company. If you are going to go down that route you would be better to use CCCS or payplan as they do not charge, and most companies that contact you will want setup fees and will also take a percentage of what you pay for themselves whereas the free ones don't charge you anything and all the money you pay will go to the creditors.
  7. don't sign anything as they do sometimes lift the signature. I think the fact that you were making reduced payments and then suddenly had the money to pay off the cards has made them think that you can pay them all more than you are at the moment, hence the sudden interest.
  8. I had an old card with MBNA and after being made redundant could not afford the minimum payment. After 6 months I did speak to them and was offered a f&f of just under 35% with a hint that they may accept less. I was not able to take up the offer as I had no funds so could not accept, but I do know that the CCA would not have been enforcable so I imagine they were looking at something being better than nothing. Like dx100uk I suspect your card would be similar.
  9. Hi, I looked at my credit rating and it has dropped to 361 from being very good until 6 months ago. I have 2 credit cards that I have got 6 months of late payments on and for which efaults are about to be registered, the other 3 cards, 2 loans, mobile account and the mortgage are all up to date and say satisfied. I am intending to come to an arrangement with the 2 cards that have the bad rating and pay them when I get some funds through in a few months, but does anyone know what effect a short paid note will have on the account please? At the same time I also intend to pay off the
  10. Just heard from a friend who was using Consumer Credit Litigation Solicitors, she has had letters saying they have been closed by the solicitors regulation authority. I imagine there is no way she will get her fee back Sadly this could hit people who can least afford it, I know she has little or no money to spare and it has hit her hard.
  11. I suggest you take your name off the scan, cannot help with anything else though.
  12. Not 100% sure, but the original agreement had the loan plus the ppi for the total amount of credit, then interest on that so by removing the ppi the agreement would have changed as the total credit and the total interest would both have reduced..
  13. Thanks, the interest rate stays the same, payment date stays the same (I was given the option to change to another day if I had wanted to though), term stays the same. The only change is to the amount I pay and it has gone down by a few pence more than I had expected it to so I am happy with that - I still double checked the agreement when it arrived though
  14. Well done, that seems to have taken about 2 months (allowing for the christmas + new year break). I wonder if banks are getting used to the idea of paying up and starting to give in a bit more or if it was a one off. Either way its a good result.
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