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  1. heard on the news last night lord M.is going to get his way,i wonder if he has a sky + box,( as this is for copying can he please tell me the differance between this and coping from p2p sites), if so, does he claim for it with our moeny,please note these thoughts are from me and no one else,i was always told this is a free country,will mabe not so much now,but i still have freedom of speech
  2. hi,did you go on line to see who signed for it,i did and was able to see from which sorting office it went from and what time and date also
  3. just a thought ,i also was sent a letter a while back saying the same thing,but in the next lod i inclosed proof that they did recive it and it was signed for ,i am begining to wonder did they get any of are lod.
  4. just looked at their web site and they say that the second lot will be selected next week.just a thought how do they select who they pick.if we are all so called guilty why do they need to pick and not send them all out in mass as they do with all their other letters:confused:
  5. hi guys just posted lod as i said i would by reg post . i think it s now a case of calming down sticking to our guns, i didnt down load the song so im paying nought!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS NEED TO JUST DO WHAT YOUR DOING TOO and keep telling us what is happening with you . no one on this forum has been told they are going to court yet,and look how many people are on it and how long its been going . Its definely a cat a mouse game and they rely on their scare tactaics to pay up. but they have yet to prove it was you who sat at the computer and did what they said. . By the way wife
  6. changed my mind, i am now sending 6 lod all reg post they will not get any money from me,i know this is the right thing to do,but it is still giving me sleepless nights.
  7. have sent back my second lod back,telling them to phone the post office with the ref. no. i gave them and see how they can tell me i did not respond to them.have also informed them anymore letter will be passed on to the police.
  8. hi,got my second letter today as well.same thing that they said that i did not responed to their first letter,the thing is i sent by registered post ,phoned the post office and they said it had been received and it had been signed for,and they will email me the proof,guess what acs law will get in the next post.
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