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  1. Good Morning SFU I had found form G9, and was researching to see if this form was applicable in my case, thanks for confirming that it is. The PG for £16K seems to be a copy of an original, whilst the second PG is a copy of a copy. The reason for me stating this is that the second PG states copy, whilst the first PG does not. However, that does not mean to say that an original will appear on the day, they could have just tippexed out the word "copy". If my life depended on it, I would have to say that the first PG looks more real and appliable than the second PG. With reg
  2. Good evening All Thanks for the attachment SFU, I was reading that part myself last night from Hennessey, until the eyes started to make the words go all blurry. Anyway, again many thanks for posting so late at night/ early in the morning. I was just rising from my slumber about then to drive to Thurso for an 8 o' clock start. At risk of sounding like The Proclaimers song, after driving more than 500 miles I came home to a huge letter from the Agent for the Pursuer. This saga has more twists and turns than the F1 circuit at Monaco. The cover letter and Minute of Amendment
  3. Right here goes!! My Debate is less than a week away, and it's with me every minute of every day. You name it, lack of sleep, bad eating, caffeine-infused days, and an irritability to match the most grumpiest of old men, these things all make for a thoroughly miserable time. I have cut myself off from those who are close, to concentrate on me, selfish I know but it's been the only way I've been able to get to this stage, well that and throwing myself into my work. What would help was if I knew what to expect at Debate, and having the correct timing and oratory skills to put the
  4. Thanks everyone for all the information supplied. I will be following up the signature/handwriting pointer soon as. Going back to a possible charge on the house, there is not one at present but I have no doubt they will be one of their targets. Another target they may have is sequestration. Just before I sign off for the evening, I would like to say many thanks again for the support and advice. Kind regards George
  5. Good evening all, and in particular SFU, Monty and BRW I've been off-shore for more than the past few days working liking a dog trying to keep on top of my Debt Management Plan, just so I can demonstrate to the Sherrif I was/am serious about not shirking responsibility. At long last I have managed to get a replacement laptop and it's good to be back on the forum. I have had this feeling of impending doom dragging along behind me wherever I go. Maybe being off-line was a good thing as it allowed me to re-focus a bit, I have no doubt I have been well and truly stitched up by the
  6. Many thanks to all who have posted. My laptop keeps cutting out after 5 minutes or so. I'm going down to the local library tomorrow to hog theirs, I've no doubt I'll be called a few names by the other silver surfers. Many thanks again, it really is appreciated. Kind regards George
  7. Good evening All I have attached the Record for the intended court hearing, I have a gut feeling that I will have problems as it seems I can only debate within the "Walls" of rhe Record. Maybe someone can lighten my sombre mood. How can an institution get away with being so underhand and dishonest, just by using procedure? Regards George Final Record Edited.PDF
  8. Good morning All I have attached my failed R22.1 Note. Can someone take a wee look and tell me where I went wrong? Many thanks and kind regards George Rule22[1] CAG.pdf
  9. Hi SFU The date is definitely March 2007 when this document was supposedly signed by myself. As far as the presented signatures go one looks like mine, but the other doesn't. The far more important issue is that I did not sign either document. The last accounts submitted to Companies House was upto March 2004, that date is on the CH website. However, the only fly in the ointment is that I did not officially dissolve the company until 2009. This was due to the type of work carried out, and a requirement of my Professional Indemnity insurance. However (again), the company
  10. Good morning SFU and to all of those subbing to this thread. Sorry for not being on the forum recently, but work has been a bit of a ****. Anyway here's the latest update of the saga. Point 1) The agent for the pursuer has produced documents which they say are the Personal Guarantor and a Waiver of Legal Advice. Both documents are marked copy, which effectively means the documents are copies of copies and not copies of originals. Point 2) These documents are dated March 2007, whilst the last accounts for my dissolved company is upto March 2004. This can be confirmed on
  11. Hi SFU As soon as I've regained dome balance over this I'll post up my R22.1 Note and also the other sides. Maybe that will show where I went wrong. There was a different sheriff on the bench this time around. It is my intention to write/call the sheriff clerk to ask if there is a verbal record of their request to a continuance. It took all my will-power not to walk round the table and slap that smug grin off the opposition Maybe all of this was the wake-up call I needed. Regards George
  12. Thanks for the reply SFU It all seemed to be a flurry of words and the sheriff agreeing with the pursuer. The reason given for the continued Options Hearing was that the agent for the pursuer stated that their solicitor dealing with the case had left the company. Yet when I mentioned this the agent for the pursuer and the sheriff both stated it was the same solictor. Now i'm trying to figure out if this was a blatant lie or a massive stretch of the truth. Roll on the end of march eh!! George
  13. Good Afternoon All I had my continued Options Hearing this morning, and I must admit it did not go well. The pursuer asked for my R22.1 note to be replled and they were successful. The case now moves to debate towards the end of march. I just feel as though the stuffing has been kicked out of me. Regards George
  14. Bl**dy Hell What a saga!! I have managed to beg/borrow a laptop after mine was stolen, so now I'm back on line(ish). Anyway to cut a long story short, I had my day in court and due to a continuance, which was granted because the solicitor dealing with the case left the company, I have yet another day in court. Can someone please tell me when I need to produce the documents on which I base my defence? Do I have to resubmit an R22.1 Note? Once I get my scanner linked to this borrowed laptop I intend posting the agent for the pursuers R22.1 Note. I've a feeling
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