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  1. They are adressed to my dad but im his primary carer so i gues ill have to write a letter of authorisation for him to read/sign just so that my letter will be taken seriously and any further correspondence (hopefully there wont be any) would be sent to me ?
  2. I Tried doing that for myself a while back last year Santander royally messed up and caused all kinds of problems with my account and somehow 3 other clone accounts were made in my name that they sent out chequebooks and debit cards out for i only received one of each and though they assured me they had solved the issue i wanted to check my credit file just for my own peace of mind but i hit a stumbling block with id (lack of it) but now it appears it might be a good idea to try again thanks
  3. Thanks guys ugh i know i shouldnt have called anxiety got the better of me i wont make that mistake twice though i really couldnt get over how agressive the lady i spoke too was wow i was dumbstruck they wouldnt give me any details at all about anything even after i explained to them that i had permission/authorisation to speak to them dad had given me the name of the person whose name was on the letter the relevant reference numbers etc so i had all the details. Nope i dont live at the same adress as my dad but i do care for him as a couple of years ago he moved back here
  4. Hi all I am after a bit of advice /reassurance my dads received a letter from Ruthbirdge ltd today asking him to contact them to help them resolve an urgent matter first thing i always do with such matters is google the company name to see what comes up no surprise to me to find its yet another unscrupulous debt collector my dad had a letter from Active Capital earlier on this year about an old statute barred debt of mine (an old bank debt due to banks error of paying a DD id cancelled which i refused to pay time ran away with itself 9 years later a letter
  5. lol i had exactly the same reply to my first letter of denial to the letter!! weird how theyre allowed to send out templates but we're not what a joke!
  6. dont worry haggis that was aimed at me i wasnt meaning for ppl to start spamming them or anything just thought they shoulda been made aware that people are being harrassed as i already said to car though i wasnt intentionally flouting the rules wouldnt ever do that
  7. apologies car2403 didnt mean to flout the rules intentionally though that was kinda my point scooter as are much victims as those of us who have received letters so was just thinking they shoulda been made aware didnt mean to ruffle feathers so i apologise
  8. nice one haggis hunter encourage anyone u know thats in the same boat to follow suit id be very surprised if scooter even know this is happening some people have even suggested raising awareness by sumbmitting album reviews on places such as hmv,amazon,play etc or even write about in on facebook,twitter etc we can and will beat these guys we just need to get enough ppl to make some noise
  9. Guys anyone had a letter from acs about the scooter download do as i have done contact scooter themselves via theyre official website email them at **EDITED** tell them how angry you are and how you wont be buying any more of theyre cds and that you will be advising your friends to follow suit make it public too post on myspace facebook twitter etc the more public this becomes the more likely this whole thing will be dropped as im sure scooter probably dont know the harrassment theyre fans have been subjected too if i get a response ill post it here
  10. have to say what made me laugh was the fact that ive been charged 0.07 pence for my isps admin costs however my isp said that theyve had no correspondence from theese guys at all and if they had theyre costs would be considerably higher than 7 pence ..what a joke!
  11. hi there guys i had my first letter this week havent sent out a letter of denial yet though as after many many calls to various bodies im still a little hazy as to how to move forwards with this and dont want to shoot myself in the foot obviously anyway ive spoken to the office of fair trading citizens advice bureau and also the solicitors regulation authority. All of whom assured me not to worry and the citizens advice said they are planning on assmebling a civil action aginst acs due to the number of complaints they have had about them. ive just checked my msges today and found tha
  12. hi guys ive had my first letter form acs demanding over 500 pounds for copyright infringement ive made tons of phonecalls to trading standards ctizens advice bureau community legal team etc and nobodys really given me any direct advice on what to do and how to proceed should i send one of the template letters ive seen ? and should i mention that ive logged complaints with the office of fair trading and the solitiors regulation authority or would that be unwise and looking like im trying to pick a fight ? id appreciate any help any of your can offer me many thanks in advance paul p.s
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