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  1. Wow....either they know something we don't,or they are giving out bad advice.Surely ignoring an official court document is asking for trouble. The plot thickens...........
  2. Im wondering if ACS crazy decision to not accept template letters (or modified templates in my case) had anything to do with them picking me. Still,its their decision and I hope they're prepared to reap what they sow.
  3. Yes,I DID reply to ACS with a slightly modified template letter after they sent me the first letter. Quite a few weeks passed before I heard any response from them,but eventually around mid-August,I received another letter from them saying they would not accept my LOD as it was a template letter from the internet. I responded with the second template letter (found through links from this forum) with a first paragraph in my own words.
  4. Quick update. The pack includes a 6 page Claim Form stamped with the Central London County Court seal. It has a box saying "Ammount Claimed" and the answer being "Not more than £3000" The rest of that document is the stuff printed in the original letter about the IP address etc and the Scooter album. The other document is a questionaire.Its asking for all details about my income,bank details,outgoing expenses,debts etc and seems to be split into sections (Admitting the claim,defence and counter claim etc.) The address given to send all correspondance is: Miss K Re
  5. So the postman has just dropped a big brown envelope through the letterbox with a hand written address on it. And yes...its a claim form from ACS:Law. Haven't properly read through it yet,as my heart is racing like mad at the moment. Will update later (gotta go to work first).
  6. Nice 1st post Greg (and welcome to the forums).Certainly,the more I read posts like yours,the more confident I feel that this whole unpleasant situation will lead to a happy ending.
  7. The London postal strike may have some impact on the speed at which ACS get their threat-o-grams and replies dispatched (and of course LoD's sent by us).
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