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  1. Hi all - I have not posted on her for a long time but just thought I would give an update. I received 1st letter back in June last year to which I sent 1st LOD. I then received 2nd letter from ACS:Law stating that they could not take my LOD on face value as it was a template and they increased the cost and gave me I think 21 days to reply/pay. I sent them 2nd LOD (template) with extra paragraph stating that just because it was a LOD did not make it any less truthful than if I had worded it myself and that its contradictory behaviour as they them selfs use templates. This letter was sent ba
  2. I haven't heard anything since my 2nd LOD back in Aug ........ I don't know if to contact them to see if this is the end of it as I can't help but let it niggle at me not knowing.
  3. As they gave me a time limit by which I had to reply does the rules not state that they should reply to me within a certain amount of time???
  4. I sent my 2nd LOD (with my own added bits) around the 20th August 2009 and till now I have not heard anymore. I would like to believe that this is the end of it but I have a feeling it won't be. Just out of curiosity has anyone heard anymore about the illusive Dark Trooper that received 'the brown envelope'?
  5. well I am still waiting to receive my 3rd letter from them but in all honesty I am getting so fed up of it all now and I would prefer that they find the stone they were under and return to it again or send me that brown envelope and let me meet this man face to face!!! I received my 1st letter the same time as dark_trooper (the person on here that has received 'the brown envelope'. I am accused at file sharing the same file (scooter) at around the same time in 2008 ...... so I'm now wondering 'why dark_trooper and not me????' I wonder what Mr Crossley's selection process is??
  6. I have received a 2nd letter (where my demand from £500.06 to £625.00) and replied with 2nd LOD (template I might add). I am also expecting to receive a 3rd letter (probably with a higher demand - take me to court Mr Crossley PLEASE!) from the charming Mr Crossley. My understanding is that many, many people have received 3 letters but I am not sure if anyone has reached the letter 4 yet ......
  7. it confuses me that I have sent the same template letter as other people have on the site regarding the 'scooter' file and yet some have had there amounts reduced but mine was increased - what the hell is the reason behind this?
  8. Well still haven't calmed down yet .......... I have written a 2nd LOD (not used a template letter this time) although really peeved that it is ok for them to use a template letter (one that DL used which they say they are not) but not me. They have also put the charge up to £625 now from £500.07. After everyone complaining why the hell has SRA, ICO etc not done anything about these bloody idiots!!!!! (as you can tell - really angry):-x
  9. well finally - I have received their 2nd letter (which is very intimidating) demanding more money and declining to take my LOD at face value due to it being a template letter. Feeling very angry, so I need to calm down a little before I write back to this pompus prat who insists on sending out template letters.
  10. Although this could be good news (ACS going quite) there seems to be a drop in posts on this thread. I find it all frustrating, sitting in the land of limbo ....... have sent 1st LOD nearly 4 weeks ago, awaiting the 2nd letter from ACS (template) finding myself constantly checking this site and others for some glimmer of hope that ACS have vanished of the face of this earth .... but alas NO.
  11. I know I will sound really daft but I am with sky and I have managed to find out on my PC that I have an encription on wireless connection so does that mean that I am safe from someone hacking in on it? If yes then I have no idea what has happened ...... (my sisters have used my PC but I don't think any of them are into Scooter and even so if there saying I made it available for uploading (filesharing) then surely I would have seen it on my computer. Honest to god - there are some things you half expect to happen to you in this life but this I would never have expected.
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