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  1. Hi all, Got a bit of a problem and I'm really struggling to find some advice on what I can do to resolve the problem. Basically I'm in the process of separating from my wife BUT because we're unable to sell our house we're still living together as a 'family' (Dad, Mum & Son). We decided to separate in Aug 08 but we're still living in the same house as a 'family', all income & bills come from the same bank account and for our sons benefit we still eat together. The problem we have is that because we continue to live as a 'family' we didn't tell the HMRC about this change until May 09 and they're now claiming we should've told them in Aug 08 and they want to reclaim ALL the Child/Working Tax Credit from Aug 08 to May 09 (also on a number of occasions we contacted them we were also told we DID NOT have to change our Child/Working Tax Credit claim until we physically separated). We've appealed their decision and the conflicting information we've been given in the past but this doesn't appear to have helped (though they did apologise for giving us the wrong information - great help!!). Can anyone out there give us some advice on what we can do next??
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