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  1. Hi, A question before I can send the letter before action please? I sent the SAR to their head office address (found from internet), Can they make a reason for that I didn't sent to right department? Regards
  2. Hi, 40 days have been over since I have sent SAR to Vodaphone.I haven't heard anything back from them or nither anything more from Arrow global. I have tracked the delivery through royal mail website. It says letter has been delivered with a electronic signature proof of delivery, however postal order hasn’t been cashed yet. Can someone please advise what should be my next step? Thanks in advance for your help with this. Regards
  3. Hi, Just been to post office and sent the SAR via recorded deliver with a postal order of £10 to Vodafone.I will keep you posted for any other action from Arrow Global or anything from Vodafone.Thanks again for all your support in this regard. Regards
  4. Hi , I have found a copy of online credit report which is 5 months old.......(Not sure what has been changed since).There isn't any information regarding CCJS or CIFAS but a default is registered from ARROW GLOBAL.I believe it use to be from vodafone until last year and it has been changed on my report.Does that mean Vodafone has really assinged this debt to Arrow Global??Also strange thing is that I only used that contract for two months, so if it was started in 01/10/2004 then how come default date is december 2005??I am not sure now whether to send the SAR to Vodafone or directly to Arrow
  5. Last time I checked my credit report through Experian was about a year ago and until then there wasn;t any CCJS registered on my file.I think, I still have access to online credit report on Experian website.Let me have a look and I will come back to you whether they have registered CCJs or not.Thanks
  6. Thanks again Elsa.I will complete and post the SAR today. OOpsssss forgot to ask, which department in Vodafone should I send this request to?
  7. Hi, Thanks for your response.As soon I find out about what information I need to provide voda fone in order for them to locate my details, I will complete and send the SAR.Can you help in this regard please? And Sure, I will keep you guys posted....
  8. Hi Elsa, Thanks for your response.I am going to send SAR to Vodafone, but not sure what information should I provide them about myself on SAR letter. Will they be able to identify me with name and address only ? And also should the address be for my previous address where the contract was registered to or my current address? Sorry for being a pain but honestly never dealt with these kind of matters before in my life.......
  9. Hi There, Thanks for your response.And no, I never received any kind of correspondence from vodafone regarding the assignment of debt to arrow.And OK I will send an SAR to Vodaphone and will keep you informed about the progress......Thanks again
  10. Hi All, I am new to forum and need some urgent help please..... I have received a notice of intention to serve a statutory demand notice from Arrow Global in the post at my home address. Letter's wordings are as follow Debt owed to Arrow Global LLC Amount Outstanding £2595.48 Assigned by Vodafone (Account Number XXXXX) We refer to the above debt which, as you have previously been notified, was assigned to arrow global llc on 12/11/2007.Since then you have been sent various communications by debt collection agencies action on the company's behalf requesting payment of
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