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  1. Thanks to all who replied. Looks like finally something might be going right for us
  2. Have been battling with our mortgage company BM Solutions since April when my hubby was made redundant. We couldn't meet the full payments and so arranged a reduced amount which they accepted. however, we were on a two-year fixed rate which was due to end at the end of August and they told us quite categorically that if there were arrears on the account, they would not take us off the fixed rate. We applied for and were awarded ISMI in July which has now kicked in at the rate of £1030 every 4 weeks (our repayments were £1189). We got a letter this morning from them saying that as we have now reached the end of our fixed rate product, they have reduced our rate to standard variable which is 3.07%!!!!:-|:-| My question is this... Firstly, if our repayments are now less (£527), does the ISMI reduce as well in line with this or do the Govt work it out on a fixed interest rate across the board for everyone? If so, will the additional be used to clear off the arrears in the first instance and then reduce the capital amount? Secondly, would BM solutions have been allowed to keep us on the fixed rate if we had arrears on the account (never more than £2500 but that's academic I suppose) and have they perhaps reduced it because, by law, they had to?? This whole episode in our lives has been a complete roller coaster of emotions. How people defraud the benefits system "for a living" I can't imagine. I pray that hubby gets another job soon so we can get back to normal and I can stop dealing with all this. It's exhausting!!!
  3. Had a few things going on over the past two weeks so haven't had a chance to address this . Still haven't received anything from RW in reply to my court docs which were submitted on 3 August, along with a letter to them re my CPR request. Is it still ok to submit the N244 to the court and if I pay the fee will I get it back? Things are getting tighter by the day (especially as my eldest son announced to me on Friday that he's not going back to college but is going to do voluntary youth work instead so I'll lose my Child Tax Credit :() Oh happy days!!!
  4. Is there a particular way we should complain to the OFT or is it just a case of sending them a letter detailing our particular case? Any spanner we can throw in their works is fine by me :) We are currently waiting for a reply from the court about our defence we submitted on 3 August. No reply as yet and no reply to our CPR-18 request either.
  5. Ok sharpgun. I'll do that. All very confusing this court lark:(
  6. Sorry Sharpgun, I meant the Court defence. I did give them 14 days on the CPR18 and as expected they didn't reply. I was wondering more whether or not they have to reply to the court to say they want to continue with the case, or not, once I have submitted my defence - if that makes sense:confused:.
  7. Thanks. So are they over the time limit now then? It's been 21 days
  8. Just a quick question. Is there a time limit that RW have to adhere to once I have sumbitted my defence online? That was done on 3 August and have heard nothing from them - not in reply to my defence nor in reply to my CPR18 request. If they don't reply within a certain time, does that mean it can't go ahead??? Thanks
  9. They must have as they are a big company but I think the manager is so useless that the whole store is in a mess. The main thing they are worried about is whether he will get paid any sick pay as without it they just won't be able to survive. They have now contacted a personal injury lawyer who is coming out to see them tomorrow so we will see what the outcome is. thanks for your advice
  10. Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me on behalf of my brother in law. He has worked for a well-known Building materials store for the past 2 years and in all that time they've not particularly treated him well - they lost his P45 and mucked up his tax etc as a consequence which, two years later is still not right. Anyway, he finally found another job and his last day was Friday. Friday lunchtime, he had an accident - a barrier which was tied up with string swung open and cracked him in the leg, knocking him over. He was in agony but the store manager made him get up and walk upstairs to the office to fill in the accident book. He kept telling him that he was in agony and needed to go to hospital but he wouldn't call an ambulance. In the end, he agreed to take him to the hospital but dropped him off the door at A&E and told him he expected him back within the hour. My brother in law had an x-ray and was discharged later that day in a velcro splint and told to come back in two weeks as he had fractured his patella. He was in agony all over the weekend and then yesterday morning my sister in law got a call from A&E to say that the trauma team had taken another look at the x-ray and he needed to come back in immediately. They had been trying to get hold of him since Saturday but the receptionist at the hospital had failed to take a phone number for him and so they had to get my sister in law's number from the GP yesterday morning. They operated last night. He now has his knee pinned and is in a full leg cast for at least 3 months and may need another operation as it is so badly damaged. My sister in law is in a state and I want to put her mind at rest so my questions are these: - The fact that it was his last day, will his firm have to pay him sick pay as the accident happened at work? They don't think his new job will be kept open that long. - Are the firm negligent in their handling of the accident? - Do they have some comeback with the hospital the fact that they discharged him on Friday when they shouldn't have and also didn't ask him for a phone number? - If he isn't entitled to sick pay, what other benefits can they apply for as they are both worried sick that they will lose their house etc while he is recuperating (my sister in law is also on long term IB as she suffers with a rare malabsorption condition and also suffers with depression) Many thanks for any help you can give me.
  11. Hi Ricky I agree that we should try and claim what we are entitled to but after the complete c**k up over OHs JSA claim, I'm so worried that they'll muck this claim up to. The DWP seem to me to be in a complete shambles. I have written to my MP explaining the way they've treated my OH. He even got ejected from the Job Centre last week and given a public warning for taking in the 20p and putting it on the desk and telling the lady that it was insult and he'd rather not have it. He was making a point of principle and didn't get nasty (he wouldn't know how!!) and they kicked him out !!! As far as the mortgage interest relief thing is concerned, I don't think the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. They're giving us 10p a week but the system at the Job Centre still shows that OH should be receiving his JSA as well as the money that they pay to the mortgage company. Even the CAB though that was how it worked - but it appears that what happens is they calculate what they will pay to your mortgage company and instead of deducting the JSA from that figure and sending the difference to the mortgage company so at least you've still got something to live on, they take the lot and give it direct, leaving you with nothing!! Sorry for the rant!!! Thanks for your support. I'll have a good long think over the weekend and decide what to do.
  12. My original claim was put in by my consultant and health visitor about 16 years ago. I'd just had my 3rd hip replacement and I had a three year old and a one year old at home. I fought it all the way because I didn't want to admit that I was disabled but in the end they won through and I was awarded it. I've had two further hip replacements since then and broken my leg twice after falling over because of the probs with my legs and the osteoporosis. I didn't realise about the care component either and when I did, didn't bother to claim as I thought I should be grateful for what I'd already been given. I agree that these things should be tightened up but I'm just so nervous about applying. I've heard so many stories about people having it stopped and having to go to appeal. We are in a bit of a pickle atm with the DWP over my OH's JSA and mortgage relief which they've managed to muck up spectacularly (we currently get the grand sum of 10p paid into a bank account every two weeks!!) so I'm loathe to rock the boat anymore. But the CAB adviser said that getting mid rate care will open up all sorts of other avenues to us - carers allowance, council tax benefit etc. I suppose weighing it all up, I should apply and just keep everything crossed that it goes ok. Thanks for the advice
  13. Hi, I'm really confused over what to do and wondered if someone can help me. I currently receive higher rate mobility DLA and get a car. It was awarded some 16 years ago and it is awarded indefinitely. I have RA, diagnosed in 1973 at the age of 11 and have had 5 hip replacements as well as suffering osteoporosis due to long-term steroid use. My OH is currently on JSA as he was made redundant in March and when talking to his JSA adviser about me, he was told I should really be claiming the care component. I went to the CAB this morning for a chat and he told me that the danger is that if I now claim for Care, they may review my Mobility and possibly stop it or award it a lower level - he said because although I can't walk very far without severe discomfort, I can walk and they are getting really pedantic about claims. I can't afford to lose my car as it is my lifeline. My OH sold his a couple of months ago to pay the mortgage (!) so we really need it. He said I would most certainly be awarded low rate care and quite possibly mid-rate care but I'm so scared of opening up a can of worms I don't know what to do. Does anyone know how often the DWP will do this? The CAB adviser said that there is a possiblity that they would leave well alone with the mobility component but he can't guarantee that and I'm really worried. We desperately could do with the extra money and my husband does have to look after me a fair bit but I really don't want to rock the boat. Any advice???
  14. Just filing my defence online. If I counterclaim as in the defence in the previous post(s) will I have to pay a fee?
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