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  1. I was just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction? I've tried debt consolidation loans which only make problems 10x worse in my experience. In my searches for other solutions, I've looked at IVAs (don't qualify), Debt Releif Orders (don't qualify due to having a car worth £1200), and can't afford to go bankrupt. Is there anything out there to help? I have about 7.5k worth of debt, and am currently scraping by on income support/child tax credits. Should I just whack the side wing of my car to cause £250 worth of damage to make it worth less? It is a serious thought n
  2. Just wanted to say thank you for your quick replies. I will not be letting them in and have decided that CAB are useless on this matter. I just got a call back from them, and was advised, that as I actually have nothing of value, that it won't do any harm if I let them in? I was also advised that as I refused to co-operate with the bailiff that the matter will now go to court,and I should have dates of the reasons for the council tax debt and proof of the trouble I had claiming the council tax benefit. I think I actually want to cry, especially as I have a letter from BT and one fro
  3. I realise reading through this that people have experience of dealing withtRossendales and I was wondering if there's anyone who can offer me any advice - as I have phoned CAB but they can't offer me an appointment for another week and can't guarantee that I can be seen at the drop in in time. Basically there was a problem with my claim for council tax benefit (single parent on income support) which I stupidly didn't know about until I got a letter from the council when it went through, saying that I still owed £285 which was under 'recovery action'. I've never dealt with anything like t
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