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  1. I just received my statement through the mail this morning and I noticed my balance was lower than I was expecting. Looked through the transaction details and the last ones were

    2 £30 card purchases "payment to Vodafone Cr Card T". Apparently, this card purchase happened last week Tuesday (16th June).


    I've only used my debit card online on two places, once on shopto.net and the other on the Playstation Network Store, accessed through my PS3. I don't think my details could've been taken from Playstation Network, seeing as it's isolated. And my purchase at shopto.net was back in February and they even deleted my card details cause it has been inactive for a month. I'm thinking if they had my card details, why wait 3 months before even taking anything.


    Anyone got any ideas on how it is happening?? Any tips or help on what to do? I'm only 17, so I'm fairly clueless, though I already called Barclays this morning, but I didn't have enough time so I have to call them back tomorrow.


    By the way, craigyhay, are you with Barclays too??


    Although this happened to me about a month ago I just noticed this site. I am with Sainsburys and had a Vodafone transaction for £25 on my card last month. I have had my money refunded and have had to fill in fraud forms so they can investigate.


    I also had a transaction for 19p (yes that is right!) for the WA Ballet in Australia on the same day as the Vodafone transaction.


    You post stood out because you have used Shopto just like I have. I only use this card on 2 sites: Shopto and Microsoft's Marketplace for the Xbox 360.


    This is very concerning that you should reference the same online shop as I use.

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