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  1. The bank sent me a letter last week asking me to contact them about my mortgage. No other details given. When I called C&G this morning, they said it was nothing to worry about. Just that I am on a variable rate at the moment and they would like to offer me a more attractive deal. With interests rates dropping like a stone and predicted to be 1% early next year, I bet they would. Attractive to who? Them. How cynical and devious they are to try to lock me in to a higher rate now, knowing full well the rate will probably go lower soon. And how devious too, not to put
  2. I spoke to a guy at Direct Line Leeds office called Suky yesterday. Unhelpful and hopeless.
  3. Which insurance company is it? I am having trouble with Direct Line on contents insurance. Expect they are all the same but would be interested to know any way. They dont seem to like putting anything in writing either; preferring to call me when I am not prepared and dont have all the facts to hand. I am coming to realise that most insurance is just theft by another name.
  4. I can understand them increasing the premium a bit but not by more than the amount of my claim. What that says is, we will insure you but if you are unfortunate enough to ever need to claim, we will take the money back off you in two years, plus a bit more too. That is not insurance, it is just blind robbery and totally unjustifiable. I said I would go to another company next year but the arrogant twit said with a smug, superior tone that all the other insurers would also increase their premiums too if I pursued my claim.
  5. Direct Line Insurance has changed in recent years - for the worse IMO. They are arrogant and use devious tactics to get out of their obligations. "And yet its still one of the the largest motor insurers in the UK"...since when did that become any kind of endorsement. It just means they, like other dominant industry-players, think they can treat individual customers like dirt, which they are now doing to me. I will never use them again either. They used to be an ok company but now their people think (like the banks did) that they are invincible.......we'll see.
  6. I have been a customer of DLI for many years and must have spent many thousands of pounds in premiums. I appreciate that they must get thousands of false claims and so have to have some way of combatting those. However, the methods they now use seem to be to treat the millions of valid claimants like criminal suspects and to deter valid claims by devious small print in their policy documents and using dubious phone-only tactics. I hardly used to even think about claiming unless it was for something major; last payout was about 5 years ago when the boiler leaked and ruined the lamina
  7. Thanks for your suggestion, Lokiy2j. So simple. Why didn't I think of that?
  8. Had a letter from the court saying: THE COURT DIRECTS of its own initiative that: 1. The claim stand struck out; 2. This Court Order has been made of the courts own initiative. If you object to it you must make an application to have it varied, stayed or set aside within 14 days of receiving it. The court has attached the Application Notice (from the Defendant), which states: "The Defendant will argue that the Claimant has already received a full refund of the charges that were applied to his bank account, and by issuing a second claim in respect of the same account i
  9. Thanks Pebbles. I'll try that. Cheers.
  10. It was requested at the start but LTSB never agreed or disagreed, from what I recall.
  11. Does anyone here know how to close a bank account and get the interest stopped, or reduced (at least), please? I have an account with LTSB where for the past 18 months I have been trying to pay off an overdraft of £2.3k (along with other debts, credit cards, etc.), via a debt management plan set up by the CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Service). It feels like I'm taking one step forward and three backwards though because although LTSB has agreed to accept £12 a month, they are still adding around £50 a month in interest and charges. The account has been dormant for over a y
  12. Sorry for the late update. Two days before the hearing the bank agreed to settle in full and payment now received.
  13. In true self-help tradition, I've been looking everywhere I can think of....but does anyone know where I can find a List of successful Claims (to add to my Wasted Costs Order)? I'm looking for: - Lloyds TSB - Barclays (Woolwich) - Alliance & Leicester - HSBC - First Direct Thanks in advance.
  14. Ok. Having failed to get the CI awarded, I now intend starting a new claim for the interest that was added to the penalty charges on my friend's account. Using the MCOL online form one is quite restricted to how many lines and characters but does this cover the POC adequately?
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