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  1. tabbs perhaps you can help me then, i have done my interveiw & admitted what i did was wrong but wasn't something i planned just very difficult circumstances i know i didn't explain circumstances properly during taped interview can i write a letter to go to the the decision maker so that they are aware of everything or should i just wait for a decision from them thankyou
  2. well all done now just have to wait 2/3 mths till they decide what to do with me, many thanks for help
  3. well i'm off to admit my wrong doing fingers crossed i will be back later to tell all
  4. have been in touch with cab today just waiting for one of there specialists to ring me with an urgent appointment, should i get legal representation to be with me when i go to see them i didn't tell them when i should have but it wasn't somthing i planned to happen just with everything else i am dealing with it i am finding life hard to cope with at the moment
  5. i have now found out that the people who did my interview visited my bf mum yesterday to ask where he lives they also asked about her about his brothers none of which are on benefits or ever have been & don't live at her house which she owns,this has put her in a right state would it be best just to ring them & admit wrong doing just to stop them questioning others, hate to think what a state my mum would get in if they visit her,
  6. they said fraud was claiming HB & income support when my bf stayed with me,didn't tell me amount of overpayment should i get legal representation ? to be honest the thought of speaking to these people again terrifies me i feel physically sick my nephew has lived with me for 18yrs he gets SDA,DLA, careers allowance is paid to me, i know mum gets her pension & a monthly payment approx £300 couldn't say what this is paid for have reported neighbours to housing they just send letters & make it worse for me ( now threatening to shoot my cats)
  7. Help i don't know what to do..... i had an interview under caution yesterday for having an undeclared partner my bf has been staying to support me as i am not coping with things in my life at the moment,i care for my 30yr old nephew who has severe autism & is turning increasingly violent towards me(no help from social services) nightmare neighbours abuse threats have been scared to stay alone in my house at times,elderly mother failing health constantly demanding more & more from me,topped of with my own health issues(abnormal cells found) they have evidence of him being here,
  8. well no sign of mr bailiff yesterday, I have a copy of the letter stating there is vunerable person in the house ready to hand to him if he calls, have also emailed this to Marstons offices with contact details,the court seem unable or maybe unwilling to help, have my mother(76) staying this weekend as she is unwell after a bad fall is there anything i can do to make sure they don't call while she's here advice what to do next would be very welcome..thanks
  9. I am in cheshire north west, I have sent bailiff company an email with the letter template i was sent today had no reply as yet, bailiff has not rang since 12.30, this is apparently a seperate fine that i was completly unaware of, my other fine is being paid weekly no problems there, do i still give the letter stating i am a vunerable person when he calls or just not answer feel like a prisoner,keeping all doors & windows shut just in case
  10. Bailiff has just rang my mobile phone didn't answer, unsure what to do now do i ask him to call then give him the vunerable adult letter or do i wait for them to call again also do i email the letter to marstons offices, now i have text msg from him asking me to confirm my payment arrangements for today
  11. fine is for no tv licence & was originaly £250 now stands at £475, don't understand what is going on they have given me less than 12hrs before he is coming back surely this is wrong, shaking all over will be here soon
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