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  1. sorry hallowitch about the being pointless they have really worn me down...and ive not been feeling well.. maybe it might be a good thing if i went to court, and put my thoughts across. and explain how hard it is to pay council tax and baliffs fees.
  2. thank you hallowitch, it would seem pointless if they did..im in even more debt with the council tax, regarding the baliffs fees. these councils should not treat people this way.
  3. so now, it looks like i might be going to prison... i guess i will loose my job and everything, what good will that do...
  4. I was very scared when the baliffs kept calling round..one even assaulted my son. i paid the baliffs some money, then i found this forum..and paid direct to the council,most of the money paid to baliffs, is their fees. i contacted the council and told them to stop sending their bullies round..i offered payments, but they were not interested.. i will still keep paying the council.. i really dont know how any of these people sleep at night.
  5. i paid the baliffs some money, but i would never or not pay them anymore monies...they tried to scare me, but i stood firm. i dont know how these people are allowed to get away with scaring people into parting with mony they have not got.. dont give them money, pay it direct to the council..
  6. hello witch... just to let you know my update, i wrote to my MP who could not help me. Today i received a letter from the Council, and the baliffs have handed my account back to them. in the letter it says, they are making a court date for me, and its possible i will be receiving a custodial sentence... how bad is that!!
  7. if you were not living at that property at the time, how can you be liable..the council need to chase the owners of the property before you... you need to go into the offices, a lot of the time, the council do not respond.. so they are saying everyone is responsible for others council tax, even tho we did not live there, dont make sense to me... they need to make a new assesment of council tax for new owners. what about your previous housing, you paid council tax there? tell them you paid council tax at your previous place and give dates etc...it would seem your paying double council tax, and thats not right...it would seem they are not doing their job properly and need to chase previous owners. contact CAB...
  8. thts what these people do from rosendales, bully you into paying what you dont have, they dont care how you get the money..they dont care if you get yourself into more debt, all they want is money,something should be done about these people,i dont know how they live with themselves doing this type of job... you should never take out a loan just to pay these robbing theives.. dont answer the door to this person... get in contact with your local MP and ask him to look into this matter..and tell him everything...you can look up your local MP online..and email him..i have, and my MP is looking into mine... Are you on any hosuing benefits, or help with your council tax? No not necessarily the council will call off this baliff, but it shows you are making an effort into paying council tax.. i wont pay any more money to rossendales, i pay my council tax, of which i can afford to the council...i dont see why i should pay these baliffs fees.. go into the council offices, and explain to them what is happening, have you had any letters from the council saying they were passing this matter to baliffs? dont ever get yourself into these doorstep loans you will be forever paying it back... thats what happenes these baliffs intimidate people so much, to get money, we go into despair... i feel its a bad thing how people are frightened and scared so much by these baliffs, it should not be allowed to happen.
  9. is this for council tax? dont let rossendales bully you into paying what you cannot afford, ive had dealings with these people and they are not nice. they want money and they dont care if its christmas or not. i wont pay them anymore, i pay direct to the council... dont let these people intimidate you. dont get scared... if its for council tax keep paying the council...i would not pay rosendales a penny... most of the money they take goes to their fees... they can call at my home but they wont get in...
  10. i agree hallowitch...i feel its so bad....first they tell you , youre entitiled to benefit then not...seems they need to know what their doing, something is not right..anyways will let you know
  11. i would like to say,i have received a letter from my MP who is looking in this matter of council tax baliffs etc....will let you know the outcome...
  12. hello hallowitch.. i saw your advice about the baliffs can check up with DVLA on checking a vehicle, i never knew that. thank you. I have written to my MP because the council awarded me housing benefit, now they say i have to pay it back, (not that they admit they made a mistake)...so now im deeper in debt to them...i dont know whether its worth writing an appeal to them... it would seem the council offices need to get people that know what they are doing.
  13. £8,000 where do they think people are going to get this money from...I really wish i could take these councils on...they are a law unto themselves..and especially these baliffs.. Ive been threatened with arrest...what would happened if they put us in prison..no monies paid! All i can say is, pay what you can afford each week to the Council...not the baliffs. if you are paying something, i feel you are making a contribution.. I cant understand how the council have let this debt linger for years, and in this recession how do they think people can pay such huge amoiunts, its about time the law was changed. speak with your council office and see what they have to say in making an arrangment on pay this outstanding debt.
  14. I sent Rossendales letters, which they ignored... and still demanded money in the region of around £3,000. how on earth do they think anyone can pay this amount of money, i suppose they will be happy when we are on the streets with no food. im going to the council this week..to try and sort out my above.. but you should NEVER let these bullies into your home.. You could contact CAB but im sure one of the witches here, will give you some advice., Dont be intimidated by these Rossendales.
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