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  1. Was it richard jones?...Best in the country for birds...
  2. People would do well to notice the avoidance of well founded questions on this thread by the company representatives.. Do not engage with these people until you know your rights...
  3. Start a new post...This is some other persons from years ago
  4. Please next time do not admit the offence.. They can not prosecute you without evidence and you provided it.
  5. The only time they are ever able to prosecute is when someone has engaged them when they have knocked...Chase them off your property and they have nothing to work with...It is people talking to them that gets themselves a summons.
  6. I have managed to do a visa debit chargeback for over £500 from the nationwide...
  7. I understand that but have you read the exceptional circumstances ?Are you aware of the detrimental to your health bit? It is in the link.. Therefore I believe being placed in the Support Group would be appropriate, because there would be a serious substantial risk to mental and/or physical health if I were placed into the work-related activity group.”
  8. Exceptional circumstances – Regulations 29 and 35 http://https://kittysjones.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/1560/
  9. Pete can he just not book the course and them show them he is on jsa and get his fees waived? Or is that too simplistic for the college...Or they will not release him for the course?
  10. Well i would hate to see your judgmental rude welcome
  11. Any idea how the contribution bit works Or a link for explanation? ok found it.. To be entitled to contributory employment and support allowance you must have paid enough national insurance contributions. What if I have savings or other income, will that matter? It does not matter what other income or savings you have, other than any occupational or personal pension. This may reduce how much contributory ESA you receive. If you are placed in the support group there will be no time limit on how long you can receive contributory ESA.
  12. That is why i said support group esa..where it is not income related.
  13. All the person was asking for was some information that may help them in what must be testing times and for you to jump on them with your moral judgement is uncalled for and i hope you reflect on this because giving people a negative image of this site and its users is not one i am sure you wanted to convey but achieved via your comments.
  14. Can i just point out this is wrong...You can get ESA support group and have over 16k savings...Just in case anyone panics..
  15. Look for clues in the atos medical report...In mine it said that i lost track of the interview at some stage and appeared restless and unresponsive..We used this bit in our appeal to the tribunal . Go through the report with a fine tooth-comb and see if there is anything to help you.. Good luck..
  16. Get your mp involved....Fight back..
  17. They probably have bought it five times over with the rent they have paid over the years... You and me will never get along,I believe in a fair society and to help the weakest members of it.. Where reading your posts..It is all about you..Shame really.
  18. Do a freedom of information request to find out how many other people they have asked this year...Then complain...Fight back.
  19. You do realise that 54% of housing benefit is now paid to people living in private rented accommodation and they have no bedroom tax..
  20. Blame the people responsible not the person suffering...At 29 i would of thought you had learned the ways of the world by now... Bark up the right tree. Do you think it is ok for someone to live in a private 4 bed renting?
  21. And here is me thinking that drug dealers all live in mansions..I must of been brainwashed into thinking that.. And as for those Pediatricians..What can i say...
  22. tezza1234..This country is in a mess because of people with attitudes like you...Sorry if that sounds heartless but true.. Blame the people who nearly bankrupted this country ...Those that thought the party would never end... Not some defenseless woman trying to do her best and who does not have a clue about the bigger picture... I detest people like you...And MPs and bankers.
  23. She needs to report her change in circumstances to housing association/council and the jobcentre.. And maybe HMCR if she gets tax credits. You need to be strong for her...
  24. Do they have a welfare adviser? I should imagine they do and your mother needs to speak to them soonest. Is she working at the moment?
  25. I went to a appeal on Monday and have gone through a dla appeal..It is formal but not frighteningly formal.. She needs to go so the people on the panel can see for their own eyes what a state she is in.. Turn it around as a great opportunity to get the real truth out and for people to see what you are going through. I can not emphasise so much how important it is to create a paper trail with your doctors and specialists.. Keep everything and give it all to the appeal.. Have a look at regulation 35 which is there would be significant risk to her physical health is she were found capable of work related activity.. Keep calm and good luck...Here the waiting time for appeal is over 12 months...
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