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  1. Thanks for all the reply's. The letter came from Belfast but the return envelope is FAO the local job centre manager . I wont be giving them any details of my current employment as it`s none of their business , they have provided no information, just assumptions & threats so I will take Lapsed advice. It annoys me greatly I have to devote time to this nonsense & will also add that any further correspondence will be dealt with via my solicitor . I will of course pick a solicitor in Ireland where I shall be working & see what transpires .
  2. Hi all , I have received a letter form the job centre saying they have information I was working while claiming unemployment & benefits. They want me to give them wage slips pertaining to this " employment" , the only problem is I don`t have any wage slips as I was not working while claiming benefits . I was unemployed after redundancy , found a job & signed off & everything was normal but now this. I have absolutely no idea what is going on , I had a bad time with the job centre & became a pain to them when insisting on my rights regarding job search etc. etc. refus
  3. Thanks again Silverfox , is there a template for the SAR available on here ? .
  4. Many thanks for the reply Silverfox1961, much appreciated. Just one more question if i may , do we send it to a specific person or department or just to the HA . Thanks Snowy .
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong section . I would like to send a subject access request to a housing association but i am not sure on how to proceed. We think there has been some major mistakes [ deliberate ] in procedure in dealing with complaints & we feel that there is cover up being covered up . Who do we SAR What legally can can we request , we would really like internal cross department communications if possible but all data held on this case is our aim. Apologies if this sounds stupid but we really have no idea on the SAR procedure & how to obtain all informat
  6. Just seen this, Matt gave me some good advice on sick leave while on JSA good while back delighted for you Matt, hope you enjoy your new job & a brighter future.
  7. Thanks Boo, apparently they have not been able to identify me so can`t provide me with a report. I have lived at my present address for 8 yrs, they had my debt card details & phone number , TBH i`m not interested in my credit rating as i will never have any form of credit again. I hope this doesn`t sound rude , it is not meant to. I have at last got the CCA letters printed off for the OC & Carter . Can i write anything on the postal order to prevent any underhand attempts at using it as a payment.
  8. I don`t know , i have never checked it. I am not being rude to your question but i have not had credit in any way shape or form since this Vanquis card. & a few other problems i had around that time. I live without it now & have never bothered to check the CRA because i knew it would be trashed. I do have a strong suspicion it is SB but i can`t be 100% certain. Hopefully when i eventually work out how to get this CCA request sent off it will give me a better idea.
  9. The issue is i have no idea what i am doing , i am not good at this stuff. I simply don`t have a clue . I have saved it countless times but it comes up as a set of squiggles & is unreadable.
  10. Sorry for the delay in getting back. The OC is Vanquis , i am having problems with the template CCA letter. I cant download & save on a USB to print off, any suggestions. The debt is so old we had completely forgotten about it, i think it is SB but we can`t be 100% sure. We have heard nothing for years & then on Friday we got a letter from Carter.
  11. Hi, i have received a letter from B. Carter informing me they are going to court in 14 days for a Credit card debt, the debt is or very very near SB. Can i ask advice on how to proceed with this please. Many thanks.
  12. I have received the exact same threat from Carter this morning. I will follow the advice given on here. Is Carter likely to issue a claim in court before the 14 days are up & we have had a chance to CCA the debt collectors?, mine is SB [ i think] .
  13. Yes Bankfodder, they have sent me a free post label to print off & return the broken headphones within 30 days, i will use the incoming packaging too:wink:. Thanks for your help .
  14. UPDATE. I contacted Amazon on the link provided by Bankfodder & they are sending out a new set of headphones to arrive on Wednesday, that is excellent & speedy customer service . Well done Amazon .
  15. Hi, i paid via my debit card, i have never returned anything before . I will use the link provided & see how i get on. Thanks for the reply's & advice.
  16. Hi, i bought a pair of soundmagic ear buds from Amazon in May 9th, 2015 , all good until this week. The left ear has blown / shot / stopped working. These have honestly had very light use, 3 times a week for about an hour or so at tops. Always put back in the case when not in use & looked after. What can i do & who do i contact. Having looked at the Amazon site it is a 30 day return policy so not sure how to proceed . Any help will be gratefully received.
  17. I cancelled Sky today, i don`t have any TV package though, I called them on 03332 022 135. It is not a premium rate number & to be fair they tried to keep me but i stated firmly that i did`t require a land line any longer & it was a simple process [ i hope ] . Having googled the topic , it would seem that a lot of people have had a problem with the email option , but it does state that you can cancel via email in their terms & conditions. I think they steer you to the phone so as to try & talk you out of leaving.
  18. Truly heartbreaking. The sad reality is , no one cares. The government & the job center don`t give a flying F%k about this kind of pressure & feeling of hopelessness , they will pay lip service to his & others who have taken this path but they are collateral damage in the continuing war on the welfare state. Nothing will prick their conscience or make them think about the impact on the families concerned. No caring government would allow these draconian systems & measures to exist if they did . I truly fear for the people of this country in the next 30 / 50 yrs , a
  19. Interesting topic , made me think & reflect. I grew up with the golden rule of " no matter what, keep schtum " , never be a grass & mind your business. I must add , i did`t grow up in the Kray family or have reason to " keep schtum " . It was a regular council estate but we all knew the code , this was back in the late 60`s & early 70`s when i was a kid , there were a few duckers & divers & a certain criminal element but the vast majority of people were decent , honest & hard working . When the factory`s closed & the work dried up , people did what they had
  20. Good post Stigman A sensible , mature & modern thinking look at the way forward for the BBC by a man who clearly loves, believes & cares about it`s future. You would think that given this mans passion , reputation & experience of the BBC , he would be brought in to some kind of future planning role / appointment. No, new carpets & over staffed jollies to the world cup are the order of the day.
  21. I don`t need to officially sign on as:-D fortunately, i have just been offered & accepted a new position after my interview yesterday. A better job in salary & location. Thanks to everyone who gave advice & good luck to all those looking for a job .
  22. I tried 3 times last week to apply by phone, they insist that is has to be made on line. The message when you phone states if you don`t have access to the internet , press option 1 & the claim will be taken via phone. When i told them this they said it was only a " free internet finding service" , local libraries etc etc.
  23. Update. As suspected i/we are being made redundant, did the claim online & have a JC interview on Monday. Anything i should be armed with regarding UJM? I have manged to get 3 interviews lined up for next week so hopefully this claim won`t be needed, I wont be telling them about a car because i had a company car with my job , so i can rightfully tell them i now don`t have a vehicle. I am not mentioning my wife's car ,as that is none of there business.
  24. Thanks for the advice , can i make the claim over the phone or is it a form filling exercise. I would rather the phone as the forms will delay any claim & can be a nightmare to understand.
  25. Hi Antone, when i said " we", i meant the work force. Please ignore that part, i will be making a claim for myself only. Work situation is redundancy. NI contributions are all up to date. I am hoping not to make a claim but with the job market the way it is i will decide if i make a claim or live of my savings [ not enough to affect a claim] for the time being as i really cant face signing on. I signed on a few years back after redundancy & hated it, i believe it is much worse now so that is why i am asking for advice. Many thanks
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