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  1. Just a quick note. I was/am in a similar situation with mobile money. The 2 reps from the actual office I took the loan out actually came round to my house and physically took the car of me and drove it away. BoS was correct and it seems everything else was. A lesson people......regardless of what your reading on here the only advice I can solemnly give is just hide your car until something works out. THEY WILL, AND THEY DO TAKE YOUR CAR. You cannot win, all is above board with these companies. Its a secured loan for gods sake!!!! What do you expect if you don't pay or pay too little. Just hid
  2. Having used them for years and built up a nice rapport, I thought that they would be understanding when I fell ill. I explained to them that I would not be able to give them their full monthly payment of £378 and that the only some I could offer was £50-£100. Although a reduced sum, I never missed a payment in the 6 months I was off work. They would'nt give me and grace and showed no compassion. CAB tried to help with BoS etc. Everything checked out ok. It was just down to mobile money's discretion. Whil CAB were sorting it all out and liasing with them, I hid the car until 1 morning morning I
  3. I live in Teesside. They have said that the car is in storage at Redcar.
  4. Mobile Money took my car 2 weeks ago. Just wondering where they take it. Which auction(s) does it go to of is it listed elswhere like ebay etc. Anyone help. Jason
  5. The one morning I needed my car, instead of parking it at my "hideout", I left it outside my house. Knowing that my dispute with them was getting to an end and CAB were sorting it, I had an eventful morning with them as 2 members of staff turned up at my door and laid it on thick. Police, Low loader (with me in it) and even tried to steal my keys out of the ignition. Well, after a ruckus, its gone!! They said for their security, there'll keep hold of it, not sell it (hmmm) and give me some space while CAB sort an agreement out. Hopefully something will get sorted. The whole thing is just makin
  6. Thanks for ongoing advice, my name is on the logbook so im still pleased with that. Im still going to apply for a new one so that I have my own, Ill feel much better if I have one. Ill try and post up a BoS if I can figure out how to do it. Scanner I think!! Car is outside my home still as they have kindly given me until the 23rd Jan before anything nasty happens, although Im still looking out my window every minute of the day!! Ill write a letter to them just to express my opinion/concerns. Trading standards have told me that they can't look into BoS until CAB has delivered their verdict-some
  7. Ive a log book/mobile money loan!!!!...........just need to know who actually owns my car? Me or them. I know they have my V5 but can I actually order a new one and sell/give my car to say, my girlfriend. So as to change details on new V5 etc. Surely then its protected as the car no longer belongs to me.
  8. Hi again. Its been a while. Just another update and help (trooper, are you there?). The saga continues...im still in the same situation and off work due to illness but getting better and hoping to be back in Feb. Following on from my concerns about mobile money and my car, I managed to have an interview at my local CAB yesterday to explain in detail why they won't budge and help me out until I get back to work. All Im asking for is a little compassion as im ill!! The lady at CAB rang mobile money and was pretty shocked at their attitude and we seemed to get no where. Following this, Ive left h
  9. Fortunately my address on my logbook is different to my now new address but it still doesn't solve anything. Can citizens advice help do you think? I guess they could write to them.
  10. Hi all, many moons ago I took out log boo loan with mobile money. Its my second one and my second car. Ive used them for years and have always paid and have always had good service. Until now......... Since July 09 ive been on the sick and obviously had to tighten my belt. Having rang all my debtors including my mortgage company and explained my circumstances, they all helped me out and reduced my outgoings until I get back on my feet. Everyone except mobile money! Instead of my usual £390 per month, ive been paying them £50. This was my choice as they would not negotiate a reduced payment so
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