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  1. I am in the same boat, live in Aus and have debt in the UK which I have been trying to pay off but unfortunately have been unable to do so due to redundancy. M & S have passed my debt onto COLLECT DIRECT (UK) who state if I don't reply within 4 days then they will issue County Court Proceedings, the letter is dated 9th October and it arrived at my address in Aus today. I am hoping it is just scare tactics, should I ignore it or should I write to them pointing out they can't take me to court as no longer resident in the UK.
  2. Due to a change in family circumstances I had to emigrate to Australia earlier this year, I have approx £43k worth of debt in the UK - none in Aus. I have been paying back the debts no problem until now and I can't afford to keep up the repayments. I have no income over here, I stay at home with 2 small children and am not entitled to any benefits. My partners income is just enough for us to live on we survive on £500 a week for everything for 5 of us and there is nothing left over. Not sure as the best way forward , I am unable to move
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