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  1. Just an update since my last post, I would appreciate any thoughts? The company has decided that there is no work for me aywhere and has given me one months notice (as per my contract) and statutory redundancy pay of 760 for 2yrs service. Should my months notice be on full basic pay (?) even though they have not paid me these last few months while on forced "leave of absence? Many thanks again
  2. Just on another thought.....while on sick leave, would I accrue holiday? and if they decided thet had no work and laid me off, I assume my notice period still stands? Thanks
  3. Many thanks for all your advice. I have just emailed to ask where I stand and will post again if I get an update. Thanks
  4. Yes, I have a fixed yearly salary. Its not like I get paid only when working (freelance, consultant etc) my contract states my basic pay, bonus, holiday et etc. It seems to me that they have no room for me and wont fire me (possible claim?) so want me to sit at home and wait, but dont want to pay me while I'm doing it! Thanks
  5. it says if off sick then basic pay will be earned for 6 months, then stopped. I was declared fit for work just on this 6 month limit. My contract does not say anything about this "grey" area of not being sick but no room for me at work?? I'm in a kind of no-mans-land! Thanks
  6. Hi Sorry I meant to say the PROJECT I was on came to an end, I was not on a set contract for that particular time (hope that makes sense?) now I have been declared fit, but they say all the current projects have ample staff and I will have to wait....can this be right, with no pay? Thanks
  7. I was recently signed off work for a number of months. I have now been cleared by the company doctor as fit-for-work which my head office acknowledge. However, my sick pay has stopped and I have been told that I will receive no pay (basic or otherwise) until the company can find a placement for me somewhere? The contarct I was working on when I went sick has been completed and all the other collegeuges moved to others places within the company. Thanks for your help!
  8. thanks for your help, do you think by reporting it it can get removed from my file? Will Amex be that co-operative? thanks
  9. Hi the anual fee was "standard" but i never paid it and the balance on the card was for about 10 small purchases that I never made, mostly train tickets it seems, possibly bought on the train itself? I dont seem to have been charged any fees as such but I will check now I have the statements. Bit angry I have a 36 months of non-payments on a card I never had or used!! Thanks
  10. Hi All, in 2005 I applied for an AMEX CARD but never recived it. I have since seen in my credit file this month consistent failiures to pay the £50 balance on the card (that I never used!) I never recived any statements in the past, however when I called them, they posted out a load showing the transactions. Am I liable for these? AMEX said if the card was used frauduantly I should contact the police, but others tell me under the Fraud Act 2007 its the card companies respnsibility to do this?? I need it off my credit file ASAP as I need a mortgage soon. Can anyone advis
  11. Many years ago I had a CC run by the EASY company (easyjet etc) called easymoney. This closed and it was taken over by Loyds TSB, and I since defaulted...... I have since paid off the card in full after a few years of minimum payments...... Question..... can i still ask for the CCA and perhaps claim back an monies paid?? What are the chances of success?? I need all the cash I can get right now!! many thanks
  12. Go for the 30 day free trial online??? Just remember to cancel after 30 days or its 7 quid a month!
  13. Hi I had a judgement against my limited company (caused by the actions of a sub-contractor) some years ago. I have since closed my company (without paying the amount due) Is it correct that the CCJ is shown on my Experian report? I believed my liabilities were LIMITED to my comany?? Thanks for any help!
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