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  1. hiya caprice1982, firstly I really dont know where they have come up with the figure *190, because the charges go as follows a *15 flat rate fee for going into unplanned o/d & then your charged on the amount that your o/d by so *6,*15 or *20 per day depending on the amount with the max being 10 daily charges in any 1 charging period, so on the amount you were over by you would have been charged at *20....so ask them for your statement with the exact break down on it,so you can work these out yourself. And as for the gent at the branch well what can i say,nothing is probs better b
  2. Hiya there SAMK Hope this helps....... ''your banking relationship with us'' --- pg 19 section 16.2 General Liability You will not be liable for any payment instructions you did not give yourself, even if they were given using your card or security details, unlesswe can prove either: (a) That you have actedfraudulently in which case you will be liable for all payments from the account that we have been unable to stop; or (b) That you have been very careless with your card or security details (for example, if you do not tell us as soon as you think someone ha
  3. Hiya there, just wanted to let you know lloyds have had problems with viewing e-statments. And if you call them request your statements but tell them that youve already ordered them months ago and you still havent had them, then they wont charge you the tenner. hope this helps.
  4. It's just so sad and outrageous that many people will let them get away with it , I know I have in the dim and distant past, and that's what the Banks rely on... punishing the little people for minor misdemeanors... Thank heavens for CAG!!. :pYeh totally agree with you there.......NEVER A TRUER WORD SPOKEN:p
  5. hiya, she better off calling phonebank(08453000000) then all she needs to do is simply tell the advisor that she never had any charges previous on her acc and shes had a letter to say that she will be charged on 03/08/09 and she wants them waiverered....the advisor will check the acc and will then put a waiver on there for her, makesure they give her a ref no. then just keep ahold of this untill shes had the aug statement just to make sure it was put through correctly and doesnt go out the acc, if for any reason it does still go out get striaght on the phone with that ref no. again if
  6. hiya there, unfortunatly they can do this it will be part of the terms and cond' however if this is the first time she has had any charges on her account or if she has not had any refunded or waivered (refunded-were the charge has already left the account and lloyds refund it back to her waivered-were the charge has yet left the account so lloyds place a waiver on there to prevent it from leaving) in the past 12 months then she can a request a waiver or refund, which she would be fully entitled to with the amount that she had gone overdrawn by and the amount the charge is for.....if onthe
  7. firstly the part were they have placed your cliam on hold pending the court case it unfortunatly well within their rights to do,unless they are reviewing it as a hardship case. But inregards to your farthers cliam/acc/details--that is a major NO, even if you are his son they are breaking data protection rules and not adhering to compliance procedures your call would have been recorded as they all are an i would sersouisly look at compliant in regards to this,does your dad know that the advisor was so open an free in giving out details an information about him out:confused: .....if you were t
  8. ** So the Address to send your data subject...to is: LLOYDSTSB BANK PLC, COMPLIANCE DEPT, MOUNT BATTON HOUSE, MILITARY ROAD, CHATHAM, ME4 4JF If your needing to get a hold/need statement's, then you can COPY STATEMENTS UNIT, LLOYDSTSB BANK PLC, SWALLOW HOUSE, 10 SWALLOW STREET, BIRMINGHAM, B1 2AL
  9. Hey there, well firstly they just cant go re-opening dormant accounts in most cases reopening a doormant acc isnt poss but on the occassions it is --it would only be done with the agreement and confirmation of the cust. When you stated to them you were going awayand to cancel all direct debits, they should have been checking that there were no standing orders of bill payments coming striaght off the debit card. now 1 of the main reasons that an acc cant be closed is if there are previous charges or interest due to either debit or credit. And yep put your request for charges through regard
  10. Perhaps it's just as well he's going. I do hope he can remember where the door is... :):) That little quirk really brightened my day! lol
  11. Hey there, Firstly YES:oops: you can look to claim back both unplanned O.D fees & returned items + any interest relating to the unplanned overdraft fees. 2nd NO:oops: they wont take away your O.Draft facility, however in saying that I do know that if you have an O.Draft that you only use x amount of they may when youre due your review recieve a letter stating that as you only ever use xxx amount then we are going to put your O.Draft at that set amount....however if you prefer to have that amount even though you dont use it, you know having it there as a safty net should you need it. A
  12. Hey there, when i first read this I thought 2 things... 1st...... I thought that there may have been an accidental clearance of your balance, where someone else has paid their card and the details(card no.) have been put in wrongly,resulting in payment going to your card,and then its realised and that orig' payer has called back the payment your card again had a bal??? 2nd..... thing i thought is (and this can be any kind of acc weather it bank,catologues,anything)but basically when we start recieving letters from a debt collection agency its because the debt we had with the once said com
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