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  1. no replies, but i trolled through the internet and found this piece so on the phone now claiming. If you’ve checked your paper work and have found that all names responsible for paying back the mortgage are not covered under the insurance, which is unfair in itself as either could be chased for money if you get behind with payments, and were told or thought that all names were covered, claim now.
  2. I had a joint morgage with my now ex husband. We had ppi, the house has now been sold and morgage paid off due to divorce. I rang the halifax up and they said the ppi was in my ex's name and I couldn't do anything is this right. I thought i could start the claim and the monies owed would be divided.
  3. good for you as of yet I still haven't heard anything from the last letter in Aug - good luck
  4. Some advice please received a letter today from wescot for non payment of a debt. The debt does not belong to me and the person concerned doesn't live at my address should I contact them and explain this or ignore the letters.
  5. hi just a quick update for those people interested in this. Not heard a thing now since my last letter saying I had till aug 25th to pay. Hopefully this means they have gone away. Keep ignoring folks as advised
  6. as of yet nothing but its only been 2 days since I should have paid
  7. thanks for that webferret maybe I can sleep at night now lol
  8. not got that far yet as I have till aug 25 to pay up, which I am not. Will keep thread posted to anything new happening
  9. Hiya just to let you know I have received another letter from ccscollect. I have put it on my thread, don't want to get into trouble for repeating the same thing.
  10. well today I came home to a notice of intended legal action letter with a lovely yellow stripe on it. I now have till aug 25th by 10am to pay the £95 owed. Court action may be taken against me without further warning court fees and legal costs may increase the sum I owe if judgement is obtained and the following steps may be taken . 1. Deductions from my salary 2. Seizure and sale of property 3. My means examined by the court Seems to me there is an awful lot of mays
  11. I received a letter from ccs collect last week acting for g24 stating the same as you received. I have a similar thread going myself about this. I have chosen to ignore the letter as advised and will wait and see what happens next. My seven days where up on 4th Aug.
  12. thanks this has really got me stressed out. are these people like the ones I seen on that dispatches programme the other night.
  13. Received another letter today this time from CCSCOLLECT acting for G24. Its a formal notice of intended court action if payment is not received within 7 days of date of letter ( 29/07/09 ). Should I ignore this one as well?
  14. Been reading this thread with great interest. Can't offer any help but would like to give everyone involved a great big pat on the back, you people are marvelous the hours put in on this case. My one wish now is a big photo of the smile being wiped of the college faces when they lose this. Good luck Fred my thoughts are with you.
  15. had my second letter today saying the fine is now £95. pay up or else but ignoring again.
  16. Thanks for reply. I will ignore ignore ignore as you suggest
  17. HI this is my first time on here and wondered if anyone can help me. I received a parking charge notice from G24 Ltd this morning saying I had overstayed the permitted allowance, along with a photo of the car entering and leaving, they want £95 or £75 if paid in 14 days from the date of event. I have read a few threads but still not to sure what to do. If I ignore this letter will I have the baliffs knocking at my door. Has the baliffs called on anyone regarding the above please advise I am worried sick about it
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