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  1. so do i need to send that letter to my bank even though i got a company already dealing with it cause am a bit think when it comes to this?
  2. I sent a email to lloyds yesterday as i have a claim going through with a company just saying that i was not happy with the result and if they did not pay me up i would carry on with the court prosedingsand this is there reply lol Dear Mrs Anderson, Thanks for your email enquiry. We have not been advised that any changes have been made yet regarding the charges complaints. Once a decision has been made by the OFT, we can then go forward with the complaints. If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know. Many thanks Brian Jack Email
  3. i just feel really let down here i am fed up of the banks getting things there own way all the time they would be nothing without us the customers so you would think they would really try to help us out not just rip us off and bleed us dry, and what use is the goverment to us they just the same con artists and ripoffs. theres my rant now i gonna go take the bit of money i have out of the bank.
  4. i still dont see how this can go our way! look who we are dealing with here this could go on for god knows how many more years and still we will get nothing but shafted.
  5. why are we the only ones that can see that the bank charges are not fair? i really dont know where to go from here! can i claim them back any other way?
  6. we may as well face facts here we gonna get naff all from um no matter how long this goes on for they cheat there way out of everything they dont care about there cutomers they care about there bonus's. and while they enjoying there selfs at xmas with there nice wage packet we are left with the dept they made for us!
  7. there is no way my employer will pay me cash i would love to close my account and never let the bank touch my money again but i just cant
  8. look at the smug faces knowing they have stuffed us they know we need to use banks and they have us over a barrel i really wish there was a way i could not use my bank in protest but my wages will have to go in!
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