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  1. AEG Santo S75348KG Fridge Freezer hi there, i wonder if anyone can give me some advice please. i bought the above fridge freezer from Currys for £499.95 back in Feb 2008 and it stopped cooling a few days ago in both the freezer and the fridge compartments and both have now totally defrosted. i had a local refridgeration engineer look at it and he informed me that the compressor has failed and a new one would cost around £250.00 plus labour and re-gassing of the system ... in his words "not worth it mate .. it will end up being £400 odd quid to sort it out" !! now i am extremely a
  2. hi everyone i applied to VM for their broadband service a couple of weeks ago and didnt hear back from them. I gave them a call today and spoke to a customer advisor who informed me the reason i have not recieved a contract from them is due to the fact that i have an excisting debt owing on the account from 1997 of approx £100.00 and this is from a previous address where i lived 11 years ago. I told her i was flabbergasted at this and assured her i didnt owe any money to her company but she said they would not be able to re-instate me as a customer until the debt was cleared. I queried
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